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Liontail Island

A small island reachable by a short swim from the Starlit Cove. Its name has perplexed native historians for years, but some suspect it is named after the cattails that grow abundantly on the island. The relatively safe seas that surround the island feed a flourishing natural biome, but the island is rather small, thus neither wolves nor other animals tend to stay far too long, preferring to adventure to the island when they need a brisk change of scenery. Despite its relative safeness, Liontail is subject to frequent hurricanes.

Climate: 85°F (summer high) to 65°F (winter low)
Biome: Cliffs and long stretches of cattail fields
Fauna: Nomadic herbivore prey and fish
Cat tails and Lotus Flowers by Dahlia
4 replies, last by Dahlia on 10-22-2020, 03:50 AM
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