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Goliath is a burly, thick-coated male with feathered legs, a black (due to melanism), and scarcely brindled pelt. A cold, piercing amber-eyed stare is never forgotten by those who come across this brute's path. His nickname, Bear-Paws, comes from his rather large paws and long claws. He also has a few scars from his reckless fighting with other wolves about, mostly, petty matters and dominance. Although the biggest scar on his face and muzzle was caused by his sire when he was younger. (more about this altercation in his history section!) Leaving him partially blind in his injured eye.

Scent: Rainwater
Voice: Jonahan Young

This wolf does not trust everyone on a whim, it would take a lot of convincing to get him to not use your pelt as a rug in his den. Most passersby are met with a stoic glare and will remain an enemy unless he decides you are to be trusted with his darkest of secrets. Goliath does not take disrespect lightly and will put any young wolf, male or female he does not discriminate, in their place with a bite and a cuff behind the ear. He will not apologize either. He is usually unphased by seeing the harm of others and would rather watch what goes down than help, earning the Stoneheart nickname. He is well in-tune with his inner darkness and does not keep secrets if it means he gets the upper paw in the situation.

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!!!!Trigger warning: mentions physical abuse!!!!

Goliath endured a lot of verbal abuse as a pup that soon turned physical once he wasn't so small and helpless anymore. When he was two he and his father got into a fight, The pup had, once again, failed his training as a hunter, disappointing his father. The pup was never coordinated due to his heavily built body, he relied heavily on impulse and never thought things through before acting which had resulted in more failures than successes. That had been the last chance and he was given a thorough punishment by his fed-up father, resulting in his scars that never fully healed. The wounds never stopped him from becoming the member of the Order he is now, though. The mentality of that adult wolf rubbed off on him now he believes there's such a thing as superior and inferior, nothing in between and inferior wolves do not deserve second chances. Goliath managed to get a paw in the assassination business when he's not cutting down enemies of customers he's going back and forth through the underground systems with a small group of thieves behind him and bags of stolen goods. When his pack comes back empty-pawed he gives them the same tooth and claw punishment he had when he failed two years ago.



Name: Miskunn

Gender: Female

Species: Common Raven

Miskunn has been Goliath's familiar for a year. She willingly partnered up with him as a way to both be protected and gain more "shinies" and food than she can on her own, forming a type of symbiotic relationship. She may have not been forced by him to become his familiar but it does not stop this bird from cawing with a bit of sass, backtalking Goliath as often as possible for her own amusement. He takes this openly, he sees her as a friend rather than yet another beast under his commanding paw. Together they trick and steal from unsuspecting wolves.

Both he and his familiar will shamelessly gossip about other animals all day. Thank goodness for telepathy or the nearest wolf will know how much he and Miskunn despise their hairdo or just how closely the pair is looking at a passerby and their weird left facing right toe.

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