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117lbs • 2'4"

Slender, feminine figure with a conniving glint in her mismatched eyes. She usually tries to smile and lure others closer, trying to appear as if she's one they can trust but her kind smile doesn't always match her eyes. She has a lovely voice, sweet and kind to hide the venom that festers within.

Her body is a patchwork of two colors, an earthy brownish red and a rosen white. In the summer months and in direct sunlight, the paler parts of her body where the skin is a sensitive pink causes her pain and sometimes sunburn if she is not careful.

Scent: Honey & Mint
Voice: Bette Midler (Georgette - Oliver & Company)

A snake that who's only loyalty is to her family and to the devout pull that she feels in her soul towards a higher power. Her loyalty is powerful... but only to those that believes as she does and who aren't what she sees as "disgusting" commoners. She likes others of similar station to believe she is sweet and kind but it doesn't take a genius to see the coldness in her eyes and realize "something" is off.

Still, Sepharga is superfluous and shallow. Intelligent but far too wanting of the finer things in life which can off-balance the intellect that she does hold. Sepharga likes to believe that she is in control of all situations and usually strives to appear to be that way although her temper gets the better of her sometimes.

Sepharga likes everything to be just so. For her fur to be spotless for everything she touches to be clean and spotless. If she feels she has been wronged she is vengeful and can hold a grudge for months, even years.

She'd double-cross anyone that is outside of The Order, as long as it meant that she could serve the higher power and the king. Still, for those that she "cares" about, she can come off as somewhat kind and patient with a crooning voice when the need calls for it. If you want someone to help tear down your enemies then she is there... so long as she is safe. Seph is a coward at heart and will run away or rat anyone out when she feels that she is in true danger. A life of luxury has left her with minimal fighting and hunting skills and thus she depends on those at the Citadel for her needs. If her needs aren't met she can be quite nasty.

Being called a hypocrite would not be something out of the ordinary for the she-wolf. If Sepharga does something horrible to you, she will reason it out and do all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify it but heaven help you if you do that very same thing to her. She will pitch a fit, whine, cry, and call you every name under the sun because you dared to screw her over. Self-centered, she won't let anyone do her wrong but she is perfectly okay with the inverse or reasoning away something that she likes even if she would go against it if someone else did it.

Love Interest
Extended Family

Sepharga was born into a family of high-born nobles and as such always held a devout devotion to the King and the Ancients. It was only natural that she grow up and become a noble herself. When it came to her familiar, she forced a bond onto a rat when she grew jealous of her compatriots that nurtured bonds of their own.

- Father is an attendant to the king
- She has a thing for white-coated, long legged/lanky/lithe male wolves (they make her swoon)


-Brown Rat
-Rose colored (like Sepharga's own pale coloring)
-Has one black eye (left) and one pink eye (right), the same as his master
-Used as a spy
-Captured and forced into a bond by Sepharga
-Is seen as a pet and loved dearly by Sepharga
-He is almost always wrapped around her neck like a scarf

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