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Welcome to the world of Yaurith

Long ago, the first wolves were created by the Ancient Gods, dreadful beings that plagued their creations with cruelty and war. These nomads were primitive and could not speak, warring with one another constantly. As centuries of plague and famine passed, a single flickering star landed on their planet, and began to breathe magic into the earth. A few of the first wolves were particularly affected, birthing the first of a brand new kind: the early Deities. These gifted beings grew into power, and after many years passed they challenged the Ancients and won. The great aftermath of the battle flung their small planet from its orbit and, in a brave attempt to save the people they’d fought so hard for, the Deities induced the wolves into a deep and ceaseless slumber. However, the Ancients were not entirely destroyed. In the aftermath of their defeat, they scattered and left pieces of their essence in the hearts of all living wolves. The only beings spared were babes in the wombs of their mothers. For thousands of years the Deities watched over the small planet from the safety of the sky, guarding their children as they slept. Life crept on like normal, and though their aging had stopped, the protected children were born and allowed to grow in their stasis.

Countless centuries passed, and in the far corner of the universe, the Deities found a small star for their planet to reside by. They reawakened the wolves, and were distraught to see that the Ancients’ will lived on within them. Soon the Deities were overpowered, helplessly confined to the skies, and could do nothing but watch their children war in opposing factions, tainted by the blight left within them by their original creators. A constant warring city-state governed most of the country, driven by a faction called the Order, a tyrannical and militaristic kingdom that sought control in a wicked version of their utopia. Alongside them formed orders of knight templars in their ‘holy’ service, and cruel thieving merchants who funneled money and goods directly to the Order. The world was left in shambles, torn asunder by war and poverty. In a final attempt to stop the Order from destroying the world, the Deities used the last of their power to grow a thick labyrinth just outside of the capital, preventing most civilians from reaching the few vagabonds that remained safe from their wicked machinations.

The Deities were then forced into hiding among the stars, awaiting as the first of the children finally awoke — untouched by the cruelty of the Ancients. The Deities named these Harbingers their champions, and with their leader Ashena at the helm, they began to awaken around the planet, sowing the seeds of rebellion within their dying and desperate continent. And they leave with you a gift that none others have: blessings, an untouched and unique capability in each Harbinger that makes them more powerful than the Order, and capable of saving the world.

But the Deities too have a warning for these Harbingers: so easily as they are blessed, they can be cursed and corrupted, too.

Doutaini: Elemental Wolf RPG

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