Esmeray de Agnor Valencia
It had been a mere few days, but time is an objective feeling that draws longer when there is little to do. Days passed and the woman spent most of her hours holed within her office with faint music in the background to drown out the silence that threatened to consume the sanity that lingered within the depths of her mind.

The wounds which she had received only a day prior still stung, but none were deep enough to leave lingering physical memories. Like the day after the battle of Askan's Woods, her maids and silently treated her wounds and minimalized any chances for infection. Silently, they would rub damp white cloths across her body as she bathed, ridding it of any dried and crusted blood that remained. When she did exit the basin of water, maids would quickly move in an unspoken unison to dry her body and rub medicinal paste along what injuries they could find. What was needed now was the healing of time.

She felt her temper wane as time ticked by. Faults were found in the smallest of things from the maids who brewed her tea. About an entire set had been broken by the noble this week as she would take a single sip before picking the cup up and letting it fall like the glissando of music notes before crashing on the note of an accidental. This would all be done as the woman sat cross legged on a velveteen chair while watching the maid — whose face had lost all blood — scramble to pick up the broken chinaware.

Her faint amusement would quickly end as they excused themselves and she was left in the room alone once more. Cassius' absense had awakened something sinister within the woman, a side which she would never show to the man. In the end, Esmeray was but Virlar's only daughter and if she contained only half his genes, a part of her shivered in fear at the potential of his unbridled wrath. Perhaps it was a favor to Yaurith that the man was now safely secure only six feet beneath the surface.

Now, Esmeray found herself wandering the corridors of the Citadel and before the great doors of the training hall in which her own guard had once spent his evenings in. She gave a sharp exhale at such a nostalgic thought before pushing the doors open before slipping in.

"Knock knock, is anyone there?"

I speak & Familiar speaks

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