Dahlia was slightly suprised, when the stag had just come out and continued on its normal business for a long moment before noticing her. The stared striaght at her, and she met its eyes. Was she hungry? Yes. Could she take down this magnificent beast? Most definitly not. Well, not with her now cut paw- luckily, she was a healer, and would take care of it later. It didn't hurt bad, but now the atmosphere seemed to glow around the stag. And her eyes widened in awe, tail stub thumping against the wet sand. What a creature to complete the ethereal scene. The red and white woman smiled briefly at the animal. She wasnt sure if it would understand, as wild prey normally were simple creatures, and she turned her gaze back to the horizon. The salty air smelled wonderful, fresh in fact. If only the sea weren't so endless and intimidating, she would attempt her luck at a fish- but they were all too far into the water, and chances are she would be unable to catch any while her head was barely above water.