they're whisperin' again;

He'd spat back at her, hit the spikes and splinters of wood to dangerously throw them back at the womans face before she could remove herself from the vicinity of his range. Teeth bared seething with hatred as he rose, hackles bristled. “This was YOUR doing” he hissed, “You provoked this.” he spat.

His teeth never halted their display toward the woman. And he'd shoved his way through the rowdy crowd, taking a bite or two out of the wolves that hovered too close as he took his leave. Fangs sinking into their muzzles, he'd gone as far to lunge at one sending the poor thing into a shriek of fear as they sunk to the floor of the bar. After that ─ they cleared a path to let the noble through. He'd picked up, gotten his things and Morrigan had found her way back around his shoulders.


“Shiver speaking.”
Familiar speaking.

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