When you've read the Guidebook and have created both your IC and OOC accounts, you are ready to take the next step into Yaurith. Please ensure that these steps are completed before filling out the form below:

Make sure you have created an OOC account and have attached it to your auditioning character's account.
Have all of the basic information filled out (all the fields that are present in the left sidebar on your profile).
Have written 100 words for your character's appearance or have a clear reference of your character in the profile.
Have written at least 5 traits for your character's personality, which can include bullet point lists or full paragraphs.
Make sure you have decided on your character's affiliation and history. Although written origin is not required, it is good to have an idea of where your character came from as we do not allow characters to have portaled in from outside worlds. Please be sure to reflect this in your roleplay as you move forward.

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to proceed!
While signed into your character's account, post a thread with their last name, first name, filled out with the form below.

<div class="oocTitle">Character's Full Name Here</div>
<b>OOC Name:</b> Your OOC name
<b>Other characters:</b> All your other characters
<b>Affiliation:</b> Harbinger, Citizen, Southlander, or the Order
<b>Specialization:</b> Any of the specializations listed in the Guidebook or one you create!

<b>Age:</b> In years, months optional
<b>Birthdate:</b> Birth season, year optional
<b>Build:</b> Including height and weight
<b>Appearance:</b> Pelt color(s), eye color(s), and mutation if applicable

<b>Familiar:</b> Name and species, if your character is coming in with a familiar
<b>Pregnancy Opt-In:</b> Yes to opt-in, no to remain out. Please refer to the Breeding page in the Guidebook for information on this mechanic!