Welcome to Frostbound's Grand Opening!
We are so excited to have you! We are officially transitioning from our soft opening into our big, official opening. This does not mean much of the site will change for you guys, but a few things in the backend that were put on pause before will now steadily be kicked into gear. We will still be making minor updates and changes to the site as we progress, but this will mostly be based off member suggestions and feedback as we continued on our journey. In this opening announcement, there are a few things we would like to address.

Time in Frostbound is no longer frozen! Seasons will start, and the beginning of summer is now officially in motion. Time is fluid within the season, so from Week 1 of Summer until Week 8, you will be allowed to roleplay at any point in the season. Once the season changes, threads must be finished and transition into the next season. Autumn will begin on November 6th.

Upcoming activity check
There will be an upcoming activity check sometime within the next few weeks. We had a long soft opening process and we have gained and lost some people in the process, so we will likely hold an activity check sooner rather than later. Afterward, activity checks will be conducted at the beginning of each season change. Because we're having an earlier activity check, the activity check for Autumn will be skipped.

Item Suggestions
We feel like our shop is a little bare, so if you have any item suggestions let us know! We will offer 20 points for every suggestion and every suggestion we implement will receive a further 50 points. Feel free to propose any idea you may have! Remember that we are semi-realistic, so magic powers and intricate accessories may not fit with the lore.

Reinforcement of site rating
We have not experienced any issues at all with our site rating, but this is just a gentle reminder for some folks that we are 18+ only. Our over-arching plot tends to have mature themes, including but not limited to: imprisonment, torture, murder, execution, sexism, classism, and religious disparities. We ask that all threads be marked with an M, but beyond graphic depictions or sex or gore, we pretty much allow anything. Anything that is explicit must be fade to black, but the implications of it are without restriction. That being said, any plotting of these dark topics within the Discord must be within the #nsfw channel. In relation...

SFW/NSFW Reminders
We have had some issues lately with the NSFW channel on Discord and what we allow and don't allow within our variety of channels. While we felt at first it was suitable enough to have a few basic rules in the NSFW channel, we feel it is now necessary to explicitly go over what can and cannot be broached in our channels. See below for the following rules:

  • Talk about personal lives.
  • Talk about characters and general plotting.
  • PG13 use of curse-words (no overly-excessive strings of cussing, no particularly vulgar words)

  • Talks of personal issues that are PG13 in nature (nothing sexual, abusive, violent, or super expletive).
  • Talks of potentially-triggering yet not NSFW topics such as pregnancy, medical issues, children, death, etc.

  • Plotting between characters that involves wounding, maiming, or sexual implications (con or non-con) while being censored (i.e. "I'm looking for someone to plot character A with potential non-con thread, is anyone available for this plot?").
  • Talk of mild sexual innuendos and implications. Such as (but not limited to): raunchy jokes, vague sexual innuendos, censored raunchy memes.
  • Pictures of mild wounds, so long as they show no muscle or bone (such as if you get a mild cut from work and wanna show off how much of a badass you are).
  • Talk of drug use in its entirety is fine, so long as it's not making other members uncomfortable.
  • Discussion of wounds in medical circumstances. For example, if a member asks about a character being wounded a certain way, members who are knowledgeable can talk about the mechanics regarding the wound. Be aware we will never allow medical advice to be given for real life circumstances.

  • Pictures of explicitly pornographic or gory material.
  • Pictures of what could be considered pornographic or gory material even if it's not outright (such as lewd but not explicit imagery ie. "bulges" in underwear or bikinis that barely cover nipples)*
  • Explicit talk of sexual content, such as describing sex (con or non-con) acts in detail
  • Explicit talk of gore, such as describing acts of gore just for the sake of it.

* The staff want to convey too that we are 100% supportive of sex work and destigmatizing the nature of breasts for all genders. We don't want pictures of boobs being posted, but we want folks to be allowed to talk about topics such as breastfeeding, not wearing bras, breast cancer, etc. Likewise, while we don't want pornographic photos or links to OnlyFan accounts, it is perfectly okay to discuss sex workers both IRL and in-game as well, since we have a character who runs a brothel and others who want to have characters of that nature. The staff don't want to come across as censoring in certain subjective topics that we want to be supportive of, we just want to make sure folks don't post outright explicit content.

We appreciate your support regarding this and hope this makes it clearer for any folks who were confused!

Staff activity
We have noticed the decrease in activity over the last week. Unfortunately, our administration team has come a little underwater. I especially have been in the peak of my semester and have been having a crazy time! That being said, the majority of us are coming out of the funk and are going to dedicate more time to Frostbound moving forward. If you ever have any concerns about staff activity and involvement, please let us know. I know we have been pushing back deadlines like crazy, but we hope to make it up to you moving forward.

Dark theme
We have a dark theme in the works, and it should hopefully be done tonight or early tomorrow. Keep an eye out for its announcement!

Questions or concerns
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the items addressed above, feel free to reply to this thread or reach out to staff privately on the Discord! We are here for you regardless of your concerns or circumstances. Our door is always open.