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Yaurith vs. The Caladrius
10-01-2020, 05:15 PM
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At last... The great white bird had fallen. Now only one enemy remained. Seeing as things would soon be coming to a close, Jana took a moment to catch her breath and will her remaining strength to flow through her body so as to deliver some final blows. Looking at the great bear, her body ached where the previous ursines had attacked her... But with every Yaurithan dog piling onto it at once, creating a flurry of fangs and fur so chaotic that one couldn't tell where the wolves ended and the bear began, she felt bold enough to give it one more go. Taking in a deep breath, she rushed into the fray, aiming an attack on the bear's left side.

10-01-2020, 08:21 PM
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At last the bird went limp; the taste of its blood lingered in his mouth. That left only one measly bear hanging on by a thread. Tempted by the nearing end of the battle, Arashi sped toward it and lunged straight for its throat.

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Yaurith vs. The Caladrius

Omoruturi uses a small health potion.

Gabriel, Esmeray, Cassius, Freya, Lydia, Omoruturi, Balthier, Lana, Nahriye, and Jana attack the bear for a combined damage of 102. The bear's roar echoes across the forest as if it's attempting to ask for reinforcements, but no one comes. The sound however, pierces the eardrums of the wolves. The remaining enemy lifts its broad paws and swipes at all those who attacked it, giving one final blow. The 10 wolves each suffer 15 damage.

Arashi deals the final blow for 16 damage and the bear falls dead.

Esmeray HP: 35

Jana HP: 30

Rai HP: 28

Arashi HP: 46

Cassius HP: 83

Gabriel HP: 44

Lydia HP: 38

Asheden HP: 19

Omoruturi HP: 29

Feyra HP: 69

Nahyire HP: 67

Balthier HP: 61

Lana HP: 70

Deer HP: 0

Deer HP: 0

Bear HP: 0

Bear HP: 0

Great Bear HP: 0

Great Stag HP: 0

Caladrius HP: 0

The Yaurithians have won the battle! The remaining wolves rejoice at their victory, but it does not last long. Something is amiss and the remaining fighters fall to silence as blackbirds flee from the forest with panicked shrieks. From the corner of their eyes, they can see a variety of prey flee from the direction the birds came in. Despite the presence of dozens of wolves, the small animals run straight past them and seem to be fleeing from something much, much more dangerous.

The ground shakes and the trees repeat the motion, rustling the leaves. Small pebbles roll down from nearby hills with each mysterious shake and the sound of animals fleeing gets louder by the moment.

The wolves are left with dread in their hearts and they can not help but wonder if their battle is truly over.

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