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Lyra's Design Shop
09-23-2020, 02:21 AM
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Figured I'd open my shop so that I could do some designs for y'all! ^^

I love seeing my designs being used, even if they're used elsewhere, so I hope you all enjoy the results I produce <3

Here are some examples of designs I've done:

Price for regular designs: 50 points per design ordered

Template for order:
OOC Name:
How many designs?:
Colors you want me to use?: (if you have a color palette in mind, post it here~)
Eye color(s):
Accessories?: (necklace, feathers, pelts, horns, etc.)
Other: (Any information not specified that I must know?)

Price for pup designs for expecting parents: 50 points per pup design or 5 for 250 points, or 500 points for 10 designs~

Template for expecting parent's order:
OOC Name:
Mother's name:
Mother's reference:
OOC Name:
Father's name:
Father's reference:
How many pups?:
Any accessories/scars?:
Any colors not on reference you want added?:
Any specific markings?:
Other?: (Any information not added you want me to know?)

09-24-2020, 03:11 AM
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Template for order:
OOC Name: Naboo
How many designs?: Lets start with.... three <3
Colors you want me to use?: I need designs for a sibling for Balthier and Cressida
Scars?: Open to having scars, if you can work it in maybe a leg/thigh could have scarring
Eye color(s): They both have lighter shade eyes so keeping it away from dark or too saturated colors would be nice.
Accessories?: No
Markings?: both have back/tail feathering and face markings, but i'm pretty open, i'd like it if the ear tips could be solid since cress & bal both have solid colored ears
Other: (Any information not specified that I must know?)
If the palette could stay relatively within the same lighter/rich colors as Cress & Bal that'd be lovely.

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