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the little things
09-25-2020, 09:48 AM (This post was last modified: 10-10-2020, 10:21 PM by Qallupilluk.)
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”It’s perfect…”

Words dropped from their lips as Allashua attached the last chain to the leather collar they had been spending the past few days crafting. Qall had had a hell of a time finding the right leather, sourcing the metal for the details, and it had taken them months to properly prepare the bones as well. Finding a fully intact bird skull was surprisingly hard, and it had taken them quite some time to figure out how to properly get it all cleaned so there would be no smell. And now here they were, assembling it all together. ’Stay still so I can stick these stupid things in your fur.’ Allashua stated, gathering the rib bones in her hands along with the leather twine before darting along Qall’s back and to their long tail to begin tying the bones there. ’I don’t know why you will want these anyways, you’re going to sound like a fucking wind chime…’ The primate stated sarcastically, catching the look that Qall cast her as she went about her work.

”Its about sending a message Allashua. I want to curate a specific look while also drawing in customers…” Their voice was airy but they couldn’t help but smirk at their small friend even as the primate tugged especially hard at the fur of their tail. Lips curled and teeth clacked together in what may be perceived as a threat but the monkey didn’t move as her hands worked through Qallupilluk’s tail. ’Move your tail for me… Allashua said as Qall complied, finding the bones did not add the weight that they thought they would have thankfully. They were also not as loud as Qall had originally though they would be. ’I spaced them out more so they wouldn’t clack as much.’ The primate stated as Qall moved their tail around. It was perfect to be honest.

Before they could even ask Allashua was up, unclasping the buckle of the collar and quickly fastening it around Qall’s neck. The skull hung so that when their head was up it dangled just below their breast bone. After some adjusting Allashua scrambled up onto Qall’s shoulder and hooked her fingers into the collar. Flattering and functional… The ashen creature dipped from the living quarters of their home into the workshop and store front. They had been spending the last week getting supplies in here working nonstop with their companion to create the first few showcase pieces for their shop. It had always been their dream to have a store front, and now it was real. ”Shall we close down and do some shopping? We could use some more ore.” Qall asked though they was already going through the motions of closing up shop.

Allashua didn’t protest, settling close into the fur of the wolf’s neck while they moved. Pushing through the door Qall waited for Allashua to lock up behind them before merging into the flow of wolves in the market. They didn’t have a specific place or shop to go to but they knew that they had to pick up some herbs and they always needed more ore, but maybe today would be the day to browse the shops.

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Esmeray de Agnor Valencia
The Marketplace was indeed a gathering of the sinful, the curious, and the odd. It was something even newcomers understood and never questioned. This place was simply a mixing pot of all characters and beings.

But Esmeray scarcely paid little attention to such trivialities.

There were street performers beside every other stand, beggars in every side of the wall and merchants both inside and outside of their stalls. Today, however, the woman was looking for something in particular. A souvenir of sorts, something small, noticeable, but not too excessive. She wanted it to have thought put into it. In short, it was one of those gifts that one could spend hours searching for but never find it.

The woman stopped at a stall which featured various ores and accessories formed from these colored gems. Her attention fixed on a small trinket in the shape of the knight in a chess game. It was relatively small and easy to lose, but something about the way it glinted in the light took Esmeray's attention by surprise. "Can I see this?" And almost instantly, the merchant would push it closer to her to handle.

The piece was heavier than it looked. It had little functions, perhaps it could've been used as a paperweight or used to decorate some obscure corner of the bookshelf. Aesthetically pleasing, but far from optimal.

"Keep the change," she murmured as 2 gold coins clanked against the table.

With that, Esmeray would turn and head back home only to stop abruptly to avoid bumping into a woman younger than herself. This exchange would cause the Noble to almost drop her newly acquired item. Only after a brief recovery would the woman acknowledge the stranger before her. In fact, it was not the wolf itself that stole her attention, but the gaudy costume that decorated her body. "Peculiar costume," the woman would comment.

It seemed as if this woman was some witch that had just left the swamp. Clearly, the "witch doctor" aesthetic was taken too seriously.

"Did you make it yourself?"

I speak & Familiar speaks

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10-26-2020, 01:53 AM
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They had never been a fan of the marketplace, preferring to keep to their shop and away from the hustle and bustle. But despite it all they found it easy to put their head down and slip deeper into the crowds. Along their neck their familiar nestled into their neck, enjoying the new collar to latch onto and rather then twining her fingers into her master's fur. All in all they paid little to no mind to the wolves surrounding them, not even noticing when a woman almost bumped into them. Qall would have completely ignored the encounter and carried on if not for a voice drifting towards them. Head lifted and eyes immediately fixated on the source as the meaning of the words hit her. Peculiar costume.... A slow smile slithered across their lips as they took a step towards the woman and tipped their head to regard her.

Maybe anyone else would have taken it the wrong way, maybe anyone else would have been offended but it had been Qall's intention to catch the eyes of those passing by and they were quite pleased to see that that was already happening. Any attention was good attention when it came to work. Another string of words followed and the witch's ears swiveled slightly forward and then back to follow them. "Actually yes. As a child I always wanted to be the spooky witch that children told stories about... Did I hit my mark?" Voice was easy, playful even as they allowed their eyes to fall on the trinket that the woman was carrying and had seemed to have just picked up at a nearby stall guessing from the stall merchant watching them.

"A lovely bauble, for yourself or a friend?" For some reason they found themselves studying the trinket from where they stood, as always looking at the craftsmanship of it all. It was all they ever really thought about, crafting and creating was what they lived and breathed for. The best way to learn was by studying the crafts of others after all. If you just holed up in your own little world and did your own thing then maybe yes you could refine your own craft but you would never truly learn...


11-02-2020, 04:52 AM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2020, 05:01 AM by Esmeray.)
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Esmeray de Agnor Valencia
It would be a lie to say that the stranger's words did not surprise her. As if her own mind had been read, the female would echo with with a light tone as her ears swayed. Perhaps this woman enjoyed attention — both good and bad — and so that would be the reason for her delight at Esmeray's acknowledgement of her choice of clothing.

This thought would not be pondered on as much as the Valencian woman had no intent on judging the female too closely tonight, other than that she was a careless canine. For now, she would allow the witch to entertain her until her patience waned like the moon on a cloudless night.

"You have, though the witches would not be seen in the city but rather in the depths of Askan's Woods." Although indeed fascinating, she would not reach out to touch it or attempt to. From prior experience, citizens either cleaned the bones properly and preserve it or let lingering remains rot from within, the latter which carried many diseases. The noblewoman would not be willing to risk it and so, she stayed a respectable distance away. "I don't suggest wearing that around the Capital. You may scare the children away," she jested lightly.

A lovely bauble, for yourself or a friend?

"A friend," she responded simply. She had no interest in delving deeper or allowing this woman to find out who this supposed friend was. It was a personal topic and Esmeray rarely shared personal stories with a stranger. There was no reason to and she was certainly not going to make one. From the way things went, the unnamed stranger would be one Esmeray would be unlikely to see again in the future and even if they did, the noble would be unlikely to recognize the woman for what caught her eyes were the clothing, not the woman's face.

The subject would shift back to the clothing with a mere question. "Is today a special occasion? Even if the Marketplace is a gathering for all wolves, it is still not common to see one as dressed as you," she spoke sweetly. The closest the ebony female had seen that was as flamboyant as her were the flappers at the entrance of brothels — and they needed to be noticed for obvious reasons.

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11-04-2020, 05:44 AM
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There was something quite curious about her, something that Qall couldn’t help but want to dissect. She seemed interested in their jewelry but not in the usual way. She presented a curious statement, something that the creature had them self not really considered. Perhaps their jewelry Would draw unwanted attention from the order, they didn’t want to exactly start switch hunt for themselves when they weren’t one. Well at least not the one that the order usually hunted... ”Admittedly I haven’t ventured to the woods, I would not know of the garb worn there. Is this common?” Half conversational, half honestly curious. The women suggested that they not wear such an outfit around the capital in fear of scaring away the children, A thought that brought a strange grin to their face. ”Perhaps that’s the point...” They murmured in a soft croon.

Response was curt and swift, leaving nothing more to discuss about the particular bauble that the woman carried and Qallupilluk did not press for details. Instead they inclined their head and shrugged. “Perhaps if you shop for a friend again I can convince you to visit my store front...” It was an easy gesture, perhaps a way to drum up business more then anything else. But the subject changed and Qall was not one to complain about the directions of conversations. Especially when she had cremated her costume today for just such a conversation. Was it for a special occasion?

Sounders rolled back as the creature took a step back, flicking their tail to bring both bones woven into their tail and the collar into sight. ”No such occasion. You see, I am a crafter.... And I found out early on that the best advertisement is a good statement piece. The bone draw the eye but then, if I can handle intricate gold work such as on this collar then why not anything else customers may possibly bring to me?” Tail flipped once more as red eyes fixed on the woman once more. There was something about her that so interested Qall and the witch couldn’t quite put their paw on it... ”Weapons, accessories, delicates such as lockpicks... I can make it. I am learning of crafting glass for spy glasses... I will admit to not knowing all, but if someone had a design knocking around in their head, I can usually bring that vision to life.” That was their speech. They hadn’t yet had a customer come with a request beyond Qall and their familar’s skill and that was really what it came down to. Now it just meant advertising that work...

11-23-2020, 05:39 PM
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Esmeray de Agnor Valencia
She chuckled drily. How peculiar — a woman who wanted attention but the negative kind. Though Esmeray would not explicitly express her disapproval towards the costume, it did not stop the noble from silently judging the woman.

Perhaps if you shop for a friend again
I can convince you to visit my store front.

Her audits flicked in light amusement for when did this conversation change into marketing attempts? That much would be ignored fully. When the noblewoman wanted to buy something, perhaps she would visit or take interest, but now she had completed her trip and had no need to linger on longer at a shop where she was almost certain she would obtain nothing from.

I am a crafter, the woman would continue.

I can make it. . . I admit to not knowing all,
But if someone has a design knocking around in their head,
I can usually bring that vision to life.

A smile plastered itself across her muzzle as she raised a singular paw, an indication to stop before speaking. "You must be mistaken. I have no desires to buy anything now, only to go home." Esmeray’s change in conversation was simply a diversion and she didn’t intend to devote herself to the subject of a rather morbid clothing choice. She would turn and grab her satchel before rummaging within before she found what she needed. From the bag, the shine of two golden coins would be seen. They would be taken from their pouch before being released in the woman’s hands almost like the handouts to a beggar.

"Buy yourself something nice to eat and perhaps I will visit in the future."

- Esmeray Exits -

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