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Abraxas Lineage Adopts
09-26-2020, 09:48 AM (This post was last modified: 09-29-2020, 10:22 PM by Lyralightz.)
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-Rhonwen, the main male of the family, haled from Dawnforge Mountains. Nobody knew of him, but he was about to make his name known to Yaurnith and the mountains themselves. He was a notorious trickster and manipulator, making sure that he was able to produce offspring and become the strongest in the regions of this world. He had met Epona while in the marketplace of Yaurinth, she was a noble and he was a regular citizen of lower ranking. They had managed to hit it off well.

As months had passed and Winter had arrived, he and Epona had three offspring, their names Bran, Julian and Aife. Though Rhonwen had traveled far for a long while and had mated with quite a few females on his travels, Epona and her children had no idea what had been going on. Rhonwen had come back to check on the trio, being rather hit or miss with the children, caring more so for those that had the appearance like he did; therefore the relationships were mixed with their father and Rhonwen his children. Epona had passed when the trio turned a year old and Rhonwen was not seen by them again. But, the main Abraxas male still wanted his name to be strong and powerful, therefore continued his adventures and had paired up with many.

Family tree:
-Right now, the family with Rhonwen and Epona, the three main siblings, are taken up. But, Rhonwen (as of right now) has mated with three other females in the span of Bran, Julian and Aife being born (2 years). Each mother will have the age of how old their child will be and where they come from when it comes to the story. So, these will be the step-siblings of Bran, Julian and Aife. They MUST have Abraxas as their last name.

Rhonwen Abraxas x Syfa (Citizen) (2 years, born in summer, came from Dawnforge Mountain)
- Four children (gender is up to adopter)
- three slots open
-Designs you can choose from:

Rhonwen Abraxas x Ila Cassadin (The order) (1 year, Early Winter, Yaurith)
- Two children (gender up to adopter)
-Two slots open
-Designs you can choose from:

Rhonwen Abraxas x Honey Rhonan (Citizen) (1 year, Mid-Autumn, Dawnforge Mountain)
- Two children (gender up to adopter)
-Two slots open
-Designs you can choose from:

I am open to doing custom designs for those who want to audition. Just let me know which mother your adopting an Abraxas child from as the colors of the pelts are a mix from Rhonwen and the mothers. In the area of the form where it states the design your choosing, if there isn't one you like just put 'custom' and I'll design something for you once i give you the ok to make their profile.~

Rhonwen's Influence-
As i said before how you feel Rhonwen may act towards your character is up to you. However, he would be the one to adventure and go be with other females than be present a lot of the time. Those that look like him, he tends to be a little more nicer with, but can be very strict since he wants them to be like him. Those that don't look like him, he can be more cruel and sadistic towards, considering them weak and useless. So, keep that in mind while working on your character.

-Rhonwen had barely been around for the children that were born in Yaurinth, but he was still there throughout some of their life. His influence on the your character is up to you, whether they got along, if he was brutal to them, etc. He is more on the darker side of the spectrum. He cared more for the children that looked like them, believing they were stronger and could rule; and power was something he wished for and wanted his children to be like him in that regard. HOWEVER, alignment is really up to you, but just think about the influence Rhonwen may have had on the character you’re adopting. Whether he cared about them more, treated them with hatred and neglect, etc. As well as how their mother’s treated them as well.

Rules and Stipulations:
-There are rarely ever Lawful Good members of the family, so keep that in mind.

- All Abraxas kids do not know of each other's existence right away, it would need to be role played out.

-How you control your adopted character is up to you, but keep this thing in mind: the Abraxas siblings are very close with each other. If other Abraxas wolves find each other, they are a part of family for life. Family helps each other through the toughest situations, and when they also want to get into a tough situation. Bran is the main sibling of the family since he was born first before the others, though he treats his family with the utmost respect.

-I also have every right to take away a character and put them up for adoption if I don’t see them being played for a while. I want this family to be at least semi-active, though I know real life and other plots can take people away from that.
-Designs that I make are specifically those used for the Abraxas family ONLY. They are not to be used elsewhere. These designs provided to you are the only ones you may pick from when it comes to adopting, please. If you would like to make some minor changes to your design once it’s adopted, let me know through the form in ‘other’.~

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your character or the information, please let me know!

Adoption form:
-Here is the form you need to fill out if you're interested in joining the Abraxas family~

-OOC Name:
Character name: --- Abraxas
Character's Mother (must put Rhonwen and mother you choose as their parents in profile): Syfa, Ila, or Honey.
The design you’re choosing:
Affiliation: The Order, Citizen, Harbinger
Plots: (what plans do you have for this character in the world of Frostbound?)
Rp Sample:
Other: (any other information I should know regarding your character

All adoptions will be auditioned for! If you’re interested, feel free to send me a DM on Discord with your filled out form~ My username there is Lyralightz, and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know~ You MAY audition more than once if you see another design from a different mother you like.

09-28-2020, 08:23 PM
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*stakes claim here* WIP

09-28-2020, 10:52 PM
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Your revelations don't look nothing like the pictures,
You read between the lines and don't stick to the scriptures.

Full Name; Cecil "Sunflower" Abraxas.

Age; Two Years, Born in Summer. (To Syfa.)
Affiliation; Citizen, Merchant.
Alignment; True Neutral.
Coat; Black, Brown(L.), Cream, White.
Eyes; Bumblebee Yellow, Cerulean Blue (Iridum Heterochromia.)
Gender; Non-binary (Female.)


Humble && Pessimistic.
She grows believing she is of little worth. . .

Imaginative && Absentminded.
Her dreams carry her farther than her legs ever have. . .

Clever && Benevolent.
A surface level smile on a pretty face. . .

Aloof && Anxious.
They're all plotting with knives at her back. . .

Unadventurous && Cowardly.
Home is where the heart lies, where it will always lie. . .

. . .

Rp Sample;
The stone was cold as night fell like a raven's dark wing over the ancient streets of Yaurith to crawl lazily up through the opening of a crumbling window sill, gripping shady fingers along the dusty, carefully placed boards chewed up by insects if only to peek through to the bottom floor where the shop lay. Plush furs of poor product lay spread out in a strange, eerily matching placement; a black bear's pelt took up the center while various mixed colors of rabbit, fox, and deer were placed in a circle about the obsidian hide of the decently sized beast, perhaps once fearsome in his life now reduced to a blanket for which the curled form of a sleeping wolf would lay stiff as a statue, dead if not for the slight rise of their sides as they breathed.

An ear would flick once, twice, atop their head, before cheek would twitch against the warm touch of fur against their own, and right eye would gently crack just enough to see into the darkness of their bed chamber; minimalistic in its lack of accessory or prettied things it lay practically empty save for the heap of fur hides of which they often hid away underneath, for Cecil knew they did not need the bright reverie of decoration for they were born too ugly of a creature for jewelry or flowers or perfume to work their magic upon them. Liquid gold swirled with the whirlpool of cerulean blue glimmering from below the sway of yellow gifted from their father's own color, and ears gently pressed with attentive caution, wanting to be wholly invested in the world of the living, and yet, too afraid to fully pull Cecil out of their dreaming state, where legs would push against creaking floorboards and heat would rise like steam over the neatly aligned bed. And yet still, they fell away like that of the fragments of stone which could be heard clattering to the cobble square streets below.

Above, the moon lay high within the inky skies, no longer covered by blush mauve and orange peel kisses. They could not at first recall when it was the last they had seen of the Sun, though oft did they look upon it from the opening that shined with glinting embers into their bedroom, peeking out across the city to find the banter of strangers and only enough to see the color of their fur before they would have plucked themselves from the line of sight, falling back to the chill touch of the wall with a nervous tempo in their heart. They knew Yaurith to be deceitful, the smiles knives in hand, and they were right to fear those benevolent acts of kindness as skulking predators waiting to rip them to shreds, whether for pleasure or business. But in the dark, when little else yawned, did Cecil allow themselves to breathe in the space of a twinkling star smiling from above them, bi-colored eyes gently resting upon the blueberry whisper of the Heavens. It was pretty, they reminisced, in a fascinating sort of manner, though they had seen them a thousand times before.

Ears fell back to the nervous creep that lingered along their spine, like an embracing lover spindling yarn from their tongue, too preoccupied to mind the way in which Cecil's body would tense fervently, but not in passionate excitement. In inexplicable fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of others. Fear of blood. It all was an unsettling thing that constricted them like a rabbit in a snare, strangulating themselves on their own choice, too stupid to free themselves from their own devious nature. Oh yes, Cecil thought, I know that well. Gaze fell from the sky, what ifs left to the twinkling stars laughing overhead as Cecil disappeared round the bend of the staircase and out into the Summer silence.

. . .

History Summary;
-Syfa of Dawnforge gives birth to four children from Rhonwen Abraxas, Cecil is last born.
-Rhonwen plays little to no part in her life, and only vague memories of him swirl within her head.
-Cecil was born with a weak constitution(anemia,) which she battled with for the majority of her childhood.
-Despite her poor health, she grew up relatively normal, with a stubborn mother as her parent and no father in sight.
-At a young age, Cecil's curiosity got the best of her and she traveled down the mountainside but once, unfortunately witnessing the gruesome execution of a harbinger.
-This caused her to have an aversion to adventuring, staying at home to the point she stopped working alongside her family altogether.
-When she was old enough, she was forced to move to Yaurith, where she became the assistant to a handful of various merchants to learn the trade until she founded her own business.
-Very rarely is she seen, tending to come out when the shop closes or when it's pitch black, and most regulars believe her to be a myth, even her own employees have started to believe this.

-Get herself hurt; either emotionally, mentally, physically, or all three.
-Get someone else hurt, leave them for dead to save her own hide. (Accidentally get someone killed?)
-Someone to teach her there is more to life than just Yaurith and her merchant business.
-See the world outside of Yaurith's city, find true love maybe? Who knows.
-Probably gonna traumatize her at some point in her life.
-Cowardly merchant girl turned hardass-badass later down the road?

. . . . . .

You only follow rules if other follow with you.
That doesn't sound too holy, only playing victim.

09-28-2020, 11:37 PM
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Congrats Cardinal! You may now make Cecil!
I can't wait to see what journeys she will have ^^ Have fun with your Abraxas!

10-14-2020, 09:50 PM (This post was last modified: 10-14-2020, 10:24 PM by Kalli.)
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OOC Name:


Character name:

Slaine Abraxas

Character's Mother:

Rhonwen x Honey

The design you’re choosing:

Third design offered for Honey




1 year


chaotic neutral (?)


Observant - Stubborn - Devout - Intelligent - Obedient


Citizen, specialization of healer


(what plans do you have for this character in the world of Frostbound?)


Rp Sample:


she will be a medium size of 2'3 and weighs about 95 pounds

10-21-2020, 04:38 AM (This post was last modified: 10-21-2020, 06:02 AM by Slumber.)
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OOC Name: Slumber
Character name: Emmeline Abraxas
Character's Mother: Ila
Gender: female
Age: 1 yr old
Alignment: lawful chaotic


pretentious && narcissistic
Emmeline will literally fall over herself for those of importance. She'll put on all the airs to be accepted by those higher than her in order to feel like she deserves a seat beside them. She has no problem with running others through the mud so she herself can stand on them to get further along. Ila raised her daughter to never look down upon herself and the she-wolf took no other lesson more seriously. She cares only for her own desires - she could easily see a pup be beaten to death before her eyes and watch with fascination. Thinking that such a useless small thing probably deserved it. She is in love with herself and thinks that others are below her station.

selfish && competitive
unable to pull herself out of her own commitment to her. the female doesn't know how to truly care for others. her attempts at "helping" are weak and fueled by a desire to get ahead or in the good graces of others. she simply put - is not capable of feeling for other beings. If a situation is between her and another she'd always choose herself first and foremost. Emmeline hates to lose whether it be a match of wits or brawn. On top of it she is a sore loser so expect to be sabotaged if you dare to best her in well anything.

hardworking && resourceful
The she-wolf was thrust into order life by her own mother who didn't care to directly raise her own pups. The young pup had to strive to work hard to earn her place among the order or be left to starve otherwise. This taught her the true way of the world and that nothing was given freely or easily. She puts her best paws forward into anything she does. Given that she has limited resources she strives to find solutions to her own problems. She's not naive to think some white knight is going to sweep her off her paws to save her from her problems.

The Order - initiate

To verbally banish everyone from her sight and become a knight commander or some shiz

Emmeline was born to an Ila and that was all she knew and told she needed to know about her birth. When she prompted questions about who her father was she'd just receive a cold stare or a slap on the muzzle or ignoring her mother's wishes. In the beginning, it was Emmeline who was born smaller weaker than her slightly older siblings. Ila didn't fuss over Emmeline in the same way as her other sibling fearing the small creature may die anyway so what was the bother. Despite the odds and lack of care stacked against her, the little latte cinnamon-colored wolf survived the harsh winter of her young pup-hood. Ila quickly grew bored of having to keep the two little bundles alive - once they'd been weaned from her breast she'd thrust them into the order's ranks.

Emmeline's relationship had already been strained when her mother pushed her aside as a newborn fearing she wouldn't make it. The tiny wolf held a deep resentment toward her larger siblings and it would be the start of her down spiraling personality. Insanely jealous of any other pups that received praise from the superiors that oversaw the little orphan group. It sparked the first match of rage in the she-wolf. She took every chance to sabotage her peers. When she was given the task of preparing bandages she soaked them in poisonous weeds. Preparing hot meals she'd sprinkle in diarrhea-causing brews that would encumber them for days. The female's desire to crush her "opponents" was fiercely instilled within her flesh and blood.

The order's caretaker staff came to fall under the suspicion that Emmeline may be the mastermind behind these strange and odd occurrences. She was not discouraged from her off-handed tactics instead she was lifted higher than her peers. Given new and unique training that would spur her on to degrade and belittle those who'd now fallen below her.

Rp Sample:
(Cassius Dumonte)
He could barely handle the thought of approaching her as she said it. His mind rallied against him screaming how easy it would be to forget his mission if his nostrils drew her scent into the recesses of his glands. His orbs seemed to narrow the darkness of his pupil drawing into a pinprick that focused on her lovely face. He watched as she pulled forward a drawer and the creak tickled his mind to react but he could not.

He stood mesmerized by the sheer elegance of her cheekbones high and refined. The lovely angle at which her muzzle bent with a strong sleekness. That soft yet willful tip of her nose as if a god itself sculpted it just for her. His eyes stole across her jaw which displayed raw and untapped power under most circumstances except when she chose to fight. Whenever she did, it simply wracked his mind how powerful she truly was. Just along her snout, he spied the mark her father had given her and it brought rage to his stomach if only for a moment.

If could he could have received that blow in her stead. Every time his eyes touched the mark he felt a blow of shame to his pride for being unable to protect her no matter how impossible. The soft lull of her icy eyes caught him last and he relished in the soft clash of lighter to dark that encompassed her irises. It had felt like an eternity that he stood there gawking over her like a peasant pup's first time seeing a queen of the realm. His paws shifted under him as if another force was driving him forward. The slate of his flanks wove past the lovely wooden tables past lovely furs and rugs. Trinkets of every size and color until he came directly beside her. Not across her desk. Not across the room.

The silver strands of his cheeks brushed past the soft fibers of dark stormy gray that marked her shoulder as he crept past her to look upon the drawer's contents. Cassius simply existed at this moment. His nostrils twitching as they drank up the contents of the air savoring in the rain and jasmine that made up her scent. He savored it and his lashes bent forward stealing away his gaze as he simply soaked up the moment. If he died on this venture he would not go unsatisfied. Just to breathe her in - to brush against her fur would be enough to fulfill him for a lifetime.

she probably gonna f some shit up yo

11-07-2020, 01:22 AM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2020, 03:46 PM by noir.)
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ronan abaraxas (lla cassadin x rhonwen abraxas)

daddy issues/teen angst, rebellious, machiavellian, confused, resentful, misunderstood, foul mouthed hoodlum


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