The forest has parted, new lands yearn to be discovered...

The mists that once choked Askan's Woods from the rest of the world have parted. Cliffsides have fallen away, gnarled roots coming undone, paths rewritten by the Deities converging into one single roadway that travels safely throughout the forest. Despite this, danger still lurks in the Woods, not making it easy for eager adventurers to find their way through. And what's more: as soon as you exit the line of trees, you are greeted northwardly by a tempestuous ocean, crossable only by a small rocky strait guarded by a large sea serpent. When all hope of reconnecting the world seemingly gone in an instant, a few heroes rise among the masses to face the creature and find safe passage through the pass. The Harbingers, guided by their Deities and the Order by their King, must now face a new kind of enemy.

But all is not lost. Natives emerge from the southern moors to greet the Yaurithians stumbling upon their doorstep for the first time in millenia. With the King's intent to conquer and the Southlander's desperate to protect their homes from invaders, there may be mroe contentions beyond what had been for centuries order and control.

The call persists louder now. Though the opening of new lands brings with it new threats, the appeal of conquest has certainly crossed the King's crooked mind, and Citizens discontent with the overcrowding of their current homes may take advantage of this newfound freedom. But Eridanus keeps an iron paw on his kingdom, and has set up troops along the open Moors just south to prevent any crossing until the Pass has been conquered, and the Harbingers that are fleeing north toward their calling are shackled. Now, it is up to the Harbingers and their allies to make it through the Pass before the Templars snapping at their heels can stop them.

Eridanus has called allies of the Order to gather at the Roadsmeet,
while Henath has called allies of the Harbingers to embark on the Serpentine Path.

Guidebook updates and clarifications.
We have updated multiple pages in the Guidebook, some including extensive new mechanics and others simply fixing typos or adjusting clarifications and descriptions. Please see the changelog below for broad explanations of these alterations:
  • Breeding: The introduction of rolled litters and the opt-in unplanned pregnancy mechanic.
  • Questing: Clarification on the different quest types and more provided examples.
  • Sneaking and Thieving: The introduction of the "grab bag theft" mechanic.
  • Blessings and Boons: Switching Boon of Fortitude and Boon of Strength.
  • World: Map and land descriptions now updated to reflect the opening of new territory!
  • Character Creation: Southlanders added to available affiliations.
  • Bestiary: Caladrius added to the Bestiary.

New characters to be created, new lands to be explored!
The Moorlands have been unveiled, and so have its native inhabitants! Yaurithians now have first contact with natives of their continent called the Southlanders. While all of the South has yet to be discovered, natives in the unlocked areas may now be created freely. They will have no or very little knowledge of Yaurith beyond legends, and tend to live a more nomadic lifestyle compared to the sedentary fortresses built by Yaurithians. Some Southlanders will be open to these new interactions, while others will find the Order's infringement to be a threat. How will these two opposing sides interact with one another? You get to tell their stories!

"Rest" option during battle
In order to help balance character vs enemy mechanics, we have introduced a "Rest" option during battle. In lieu of attacking, a character may choose to instead hang back on the sidelines and regain health. The mechanics follow the same as any other attack: You will post your character in battle hanging back and regrouping or healing, then roll out of 20 to determine the amount of health you regain. The maximum amount of health that can be regenerated is 25. You will not be attacked that turn by an enemy (unless you roll a critical fail, in which you may face an attack by the last enemy you faced), but you will only be able to rest every other turn. Health items, on the other hand, typically regenerate more health, do not require the sacrifice of a turn during battle, and can be used an unlimited number of times.

"Rebound" item
Has your character been knocked out of battle, but you still feel like they have more life in them? We have now introduced a new item called "Rebound" that will allow a character that hasn't reached below 5 HP to regenerate back to 25 health and rejoin the battle. Their minimum HP remains the same as before and cannot be changed, but they will be allowed to utilize health items and the Rest option to regain more HP if they desire.

Offsite Commission Rules
Frostbound has and will continue to allow the advertisement of monetary commissions offsite and in the Discord. However, to make sure that members participate in roleplay instead of exclusively join to advertise their comms, we are limiting the advertisement of commissions to members who have at least one active character, and you may only post commissions in the Discord once a month. Exceptions can be made through staff in the case of YCH's, trades, and emergency commissions.

Member Appreciation
We know things have been hard for some of our members, whether IRL or online, and we want to reinforce that Frostbound staff are always here for you. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for a community that is willing to engage me and the other staff so freely with their wonderful ideas. It feels like we have built this site together, rather than you all playing by my rules, and the staff want to reward that effort with a few gifts. While these aren't enough to convey our gratitude toward everyone, we hope that it offers at least a little bit of joy for everyone (expires October 8th). These can be redeemed in the update-requests channel in the Discord.

A free Blessing or Boon or free accessory/weapon.
One free reroll, rebound, or large health potion.
Arrows, Lockpicks, and a Torch