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imaginary bridges
10-07-2020, 03:14 AM
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It came on so slowly that she hadn't realized at first the surroundings beginning to blanket themselves into a thick cloud. The white had been a small wisp, a distant and playful teasing of dawn, until the day had progressed and on it had lingered. Her vision was mostly blocked forward, she could make out just a few yards before the clouds obscured everything else. Time elapsed and she was no longer what time of day it was as she made a small circle around the outside of the lake, trailing the rocky shore and occasionally looking in to see if she could see further than a few yards out. Each time disappointment followed as the water and the mist met on the closed in horizon, taunting her with the gentle lapping of the waters, teasing a secret in the center if only by the movement. With a small huff of temporary defeat she presses into her haunches and seats herself at the border of the water, toes dipped into the pleasantly cool waters just enough that the tip of her tail, wrapped around her haunches, also sunk into the waters and ebbed with the slow flow.

Normally a creature of spontaneity she had been curious following the sudden revelation of new places to explore. The scents here were wild and even the jewels of the mountain's mines could not keep her away from the promise of exploration. Ocherous gaze flit forward once more vainly hoping that there would be a sudden reveal, perhaps the mists would part and she would see to the middle, or even the other side! With a gasp and a grunt she shook her head, pouting pitifully as she flicked her tail out of the water, sending a small trail of droplets behind her to soak into the already moistened earth.

@White Timber

10-07-2020, 08:14 PM
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New lands meant for new beginnings. New explorations. The conquerer wanted to infiltrate them all, but one day at a time. Orsina was close in tow, the lumbering grizzly moseying along beside the iron beast, while the young remained in a safe, hidden area until their return. Her attention was on their surroundings, but something caught the templar’s eye. A lake, shrouded in mists and fogs, but the mere fact it was a body of water drew him immediately to it. Without hesitation he shifted their course and he moved at a quicker pace, but the beast did not accelerate into a trot. The grizzly familiar lifted her ears and corpulent skull before following suit, surely wondering what his fascination was with water.

As he neared, he noticed a small, young girl. She looked so tiny, yet riddled with some muscle for such a petite size. She was all alone - no fear within the child? This intrigued him. And it didn’t help his weakness was children, even adolescents. As he pushed through the area, he came from behind but did not attempt to conceal he or his Orsina.
”Can you swim?”
An important lesson for all children to learn. His booming voice was like crashing thunder splicing the fogged surroundings of silence, but the Templar expected an answer. His expression was stoic yet his burning eyes of liquid gold were softer, not so ignited with a furious glare.

But before he would speak further he wanted to assess her. How would she respond? Was she already an expert at swimming and he an ignorant fool? While the brute was hardly a kind fellow, he’d never harm a child unless it was absolutely the last resort. He was a monster, a devil at heart - but maybe not completely black on the inside.


10-22-2020, 03:42 AM
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Several thoughts had run across her mind and several situations had already worked themselves to completion, and fantastic failure, within the span of her imagination. Her latest, craziest idea, was to try and barter in the marketplace with Bijou in exchange for something that could get her across. What if someone's familiar could just ferry her?! She was nearly vibrating with excitement, eager to turn around and find Bijou, and my goodness, she just remembered she was all the way in the mines! This morning she'd slipped away before the hare had even woken up, having wanted to surprise her with her favorite treat. Unfortunately then she'd just slightly gotten distracted and came all the way out here. Mid-thought, reverie, and turn out of the shallow waters was when she saw him. Not only was he gigantic, he was also accompanied by the most massive beast she'd ever laid her eyes upon. "Whooaaaa!!" It slipped past her mouth before she even had the chance to silence it, as if she would have even tried.

"She's so fluffy! And BIG, and she looks so soft!" The titter in her voice rose and it was then that she recognized he'd spoken to her. Sheepishly she offered a smile, looking quickly at the foggy surroundings before huffing a little and bouncing on her front toes - sending sprays of water outwards everywhere. "Well I can swim but I mean I've never done it without knowing where I was going and I've never actually done it alone, so I can but I just don't know if I can for that long, and I've actually never even gone that deep." With hardly a pause for breathing she emphatically shook her head with each response, amber eyes falling once more upon the gigantic, in comparison to her, bear. "Do you think we can swim it?" Her eyes lit up with delight, tail unknowingly swinging like a pup, back and forth at the thought of attempting an adventure. Stranger danger was something that appeared long forgotten, for what kind of stranger would ask her if she could swim if he meant her any harm right?

@White Timber

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