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I bet you don't kiss her with your eyes closed
10-11-2020, 11:24 PM
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tell me how you hate me

She lingered outside the city, exploring the surrounding lands until she found a quiet, secluded cove. It was quiet, deafeningly so but it was still a welcomed change from the busy city. She walked the beach alone, only the gentle crash of waves on sand giving her company. How different it was here. There were no crowds to walk through, merchants to avoid, brawls to skirt around. There was no one around for her to stand out against. Her contrasting pelt would catch no eyes here. Baby blues would not slant up anyone, a coy smirk wouldn't lure anyone closer. It was almost boring.

Dainty paws left imprints in the damp sand as she walked, careful to avoid the waves as they attempted to kiss her paws. Hips swayed gently with each step, seduction oozed from her, a practice skilled that she wielded as well as her sword. She had been raised well, trained better and as a result she was perfection. Supple curves, a sultry smile and sweeting nothings. All the final things you would remember before she stuck a dagger in your heart.

Boredom would eventually get the better of her and she'd move to abandon the cove, to return to the city were she could thrive. But she wasn't alone. A masculine cologne clung to the ocean air, suggesting she wasn't as alone as she thought. She made no effort to look around, to seek him out. Instead she continued down the stretch of beach, casually listening for his approach.

Sybil speaking

Code by Dusk

11-26-2020, 03:40 AM
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The water always drew him close. He teetered in and out of it, just barely, his paws immersing but nothing more. He walked idly, Orsina lumbering behind him and making no effort to avoid the water herself, when the perfume of a woman smacked him right in the nostrils. His nose wriggled as his ears pulled forward, brilliant eyes shifting along the shoreline to catch her in front of him at a good distance. She stood out, the stark white pelt accented with deep onyx strokes, piercing icy blue eyes. She was beautiful, no doubt.

For a moment he staggered, hesitant on whether or not he should even approach. Orsina gruffed and he pushed forward, toward the two toned woman. And as he closed the gap between them, he was haphazard and lax about his movements, his interest.
"I didn’t expect anyone out here,"
He spoke, baritones were thunderous, expelled in a drawl. It was true, he really was expecting solitude, but here she stood - a bright jewel.


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