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lost. lost. lost.
10-14-2020, 02:19 AM
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She shouldn't be here.

The mists swirled about the dark forest, a chill creeping in the air as the dark pelted female padded through a worn path. Deeply umber branches reached at her like grabbing hands, long fingers coming in and out of sight in the thickening, moving fog. Her ears fell against her head, tail, all but tucked between her legs as another tree creaked against a brisk wind.

The female ducked her head, scurrying along. But to where?

Even she knew she was lost.

She'd just wanted to explore a bit. She had such vivid memories of running, unhindered in sprawling forests across great distances in her dreams. Her parents had even had bright green and brown visions of startling beauty painted in her room of the enchanted forest she spoke of from her dreams. Dazzling trees of spectacular height and sparkling foliage.

These barren twigs were nothing like her mural. They were creepy, gnarled things, twisted and knotted and bare. An owl hollered in the distance, causing her to jump in fright. Not a gentle "who", but an actual scream.

She should have listened.

She should have stayed home, in her safe, dry room with lovely vines and a soft bed.

The mist crept in more heavy than before, seeping into her already damp fur. The female shivered, drawing even more into herself. But she couldn't stop. She had to get out. Somehow...



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10-14-2020, 02:37 AM
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He'd only been gone for a short time, to go train for the evening before the darkness completely swallowed up the open square within the capital and he could no longer see. It had been maybe an hour or so, perhaps a little longer, but he'd lost track of the exact time. He huffed, heavy ragged breaths pushing from his parted maw, his eyes flickering up to Bhishak who was lounging against the cool stone, his bright eyes almost completely closed feline tail curling up and down casually as he awaited his ward to finish his work. Hexx didn't have to say anything, Bhishak could feel his eyes upon him, and opened his gleaming pools in response, a silent understanding shifting between the pair before the feline was up to join him. They had to go check on Riven, the last time they would for the night before settling down to sleep. He huffed, still panting heavily broad paws splaying against the rock floors as he made his way silently through the hall to Riven's room. He would pause outside, ears flicking atop his crown. Was she already asleep?

"Riven." he rumbled simply. Upon no response gently would he bump the door open with his nose, silver eyes peering into the dusky room scanning the empty space his ears would simply curve back slightly. Eyes shifting to Bhishak there was no sense of panic which swept through his nerves, no feeling of dread, nor the drop in ones stomach that the average individual might experience. Instead he simply rolled his shoulders and sought off to go find her.

He'd trailed the grounds around the capital several times before he'd caught a solid trail of Riven's scent to follow. And follow it he did, it was long and he was beginning to wonder what on earth she was thinking. What would bring her so far from the capital? And why? No matter, he continued forth, until he was met with the wall of towering trees that was Askan woods. Riven...


He sighed, face unmoving as he moved into the dark forest as nightfall engrossed them. The forest lay blanketed in a thick coating of mist that brought forth a certain chill, when...was the last time he'd even been here? He'd been assessing other matters during the Askan woods battle. Silver pools drifted skyward only briefly, a sky that was blotched out with dense branches.

It didn't take him that long, Riven was...sloppy at best so to say. And he could hear her as he drew closer, his own steps although heavy remained careful and calculated - silent. Bhishak would come to pause as Hexx approached her backside casually, he came up close otherwise silent until the droll words rumble from his maw "What are you doing?"

"hexx speaks"

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10-14-2020, 04:44 AM
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She screamed. And while she was screaming, she jumped no less than ten solid feet straight into the air.

Her eyes lit up like flashes of lightning, her tail, already a luminous tangle of thick tresses, bristled at every angle.

She didn't even hear the words, just knew that she had stared into the void and that it had spoken back to her. As she was crashing, gracelessly, back to the dirt ground, she had no coherent thoughts in her head. Only sheer, unbridled terror. This is how she was going to die.

Some adventure.

She plummeted back to the ground face first, her head landing with a thud in the dirt, swirling mist pluming around her posterior, now prone and on display for the talkative void, which was sticking straight up in the air, tail limp and bent at an awkward angle.
Her paws immediately wrapped around her maw as she attempted to make herself as small as possible.

She would never see her parents again. Or the Templar guards who kept her safe. Or...

She'd never see Hexx again.

She was shivering, from fear or the cold, it was really a pick your own adventure at that point. Trembling so loud her teeth clacked together, she squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as possible. No need to meet Death in the eye, thank you very much.



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10-15-2020, 12:54 AM
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The ear piercing shriek that sounded from Riven echoed through the entire forest, probably scaring off anything that might of been there to frighten her. It caused Hexx to bring both of his dark ears back - almost flat against his crown. Lifting a paw taking a half step away as she simultaneously jumped like a spooked cat; all four feet off the ground. Most might of laughed, but Hexx; the stoic dog of war he was stood unblinking and simply watched.

As Riven came back down she immediately sunk her front half to the forest floor, Hexx slowly brought his ears back up as her rump stuck up in the air. He sighed, slowly bringing himself around her trembling frame to the side and around the front. "That's...not very effective" he commented, a simple observation, no that wouldn't do any good to protect her from her attacker had there been one. He blinked, eyes cast down at her while he waited for her to right herself and come around.

"You're fine - it's just me" he assured her, though his tone did not match that of comfort, far from it in fact it was the dull rumble that he always bore. Stoic expression settled upon her.

"hexx speaks"

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10-15-2020, 02:05 AM
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She could feel the presence of something looming over her. As if it never left. The thing, the void, made a noise. Something soft, like a sigh. A sigh?
Before she could peak through her paws, the void spoke.
"That's...not very effective." The void sounded very familiar. A stoic, no-nonsense kind of void.

Riven's right ear twitched, a tinge of embarrassment creeping from her cheeks to her neck. As she slowly began to lower her...rump, the void continued on.

"You're fine - it's just me." she supposed, in his way, that that was intended to sound like some kind of assurance. And for this particular black wolf (the void, indeed) it was downright consoling.

Sheepishly, Riven peaked at the hardened warrior that stood before her through her eyelashes. She fully expected some exasperated twinge in his deeply silver eyes, a hard set of his jaw to indicate some form of holding back a laugh. That's what any normal wolf would have. But no, Hexx was, as usually, all fact and proper protocol. A solid mass of a man, all rippling muscle and, even looking down at her, perfect posture and grace.

How she longed to see him disheveled and moaning her--

"You found me." she muttered, her eyes suddenly very interested in the ground.

Normally she'd be analyzing his every move, every twitch of muscle every flick of an ear. All to try and decipher the code that was Hexx. But At that particular moment, her embarrassment had overpowered her more obsessive interest in the male.

Slowly, she rose, still not looking at him.

"I...I got lost." she finally admitted, glancing at him for a second before shyly looking away. Riven hated it, the way she, no matter what she did, found herself looking like a pup in front of him.
She moved closer to him, the chill of the mist still on her pelt.

"C-can we go home, please?"



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10-25-2020, 10:12 PM
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Slowly, as realization washed over her Riven lowered her rump, Hexx only observed, unblinking as relaxation captured her. He sighed. Her bright hues of emerald blinked up at him, peering through her lids; embarrassment consuming her features that was hard to miss. He only watched, adjusting his head slightly as the ungraceful woman sought to gather herself. Silver pools would rise, glancing up only slightly for Bhishak who remained in the shadows as Hexx turned back to stare down at Riven. Silent as she seemed to get lost in thought before finally, "You found me." the statement brought a single flick of the mans ear. "That's my job." he rumbled simply as his panther casually sauntered over. Thick tail waving as he half circled Riven to ensure once more that their ward was unharmed.

Slowly the man lowered himself upon his haunches before as Riven rose, watching how her eyes would avoid him. Why? He wondered to himself, what was wrong with her? "I...I got lost." salmon tongue came to graze over dark nose, well yeah that was why he was here. Audits would pull back however, when Riven scooted in closer to him. Hexx stiffened, his muscles binding tightly even though she had not touched him. He blinked down at her, what was he supposed to do? It wasn't like they hadn't touched before, they'd huddled together in that cave in the storm last winter. The cavern was small and Riven was freezing. The memory flashed through his mind, but...

"C-can we go home, please?" he sighed, at least he wouldn't have to be the one to dismiss her now and insist they leave. "Yes, we should - get going." he mused simply, slowly rising back to his feet he glanced meeting Riven's gaze for only a moment "Come on, Bhishak take the rear" he ordered, before turning to lead them out.


"hexx speaks"

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11-08-2020, 05:57 AM (This post was last modified: 11-08-2020, 05:59 AM by Riven.)
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If she was honest with herself, she wished that he would hold her close. Wished that the dark warrior in front of her would nuzzle her cheek and assuage her fears that the monsters in the forest weren't going to get her. Kiss her brow and tell her he was there for her.

But this was Hexx.

"That's my job." he rumbled. No reassurance, no promises. He was her guard, she was his ward. Nothing more. If the brown female seemed despondent it was because she was. Normally the male's stoic nature and lack of emotion was more like a challenge, an obstacle she wanted to overcome. but tonight she was scared. Tonight she just wanted a hug.

The dark male assessed her, ears to the tips of her paws. Probably to make sure she wasn't damaged when he returned her to her parents. She missed his soft sigh, the glint of memories in his silver eyes.

"Yes, we should - get going. Come on, Bhishak take the rear." he ordered, before turning to lead them out.

Riven silently followed, fear and exhaustion ebbing her normally more enthusiastic persona. Her ears lay flat on her head, tail drooped. And while she kept close, she still refrained from touching the dark male before her as they silently made their way back to the heart of Yaurith.




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