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10-16-2020, 06:19 AM
Other characters: Lugh, Naberius
Affiliation: Southlander
Specialization: Poacher

Age: 2.5 years
Birthdate: Fall
Build: Medium (2'4", 91 lbs)
Appearance: skinny legend, earthen and cream, amber and grey eyes

Familiar: n/a
Pregnancy Opt-In: yes

10-16-2020, 02:07 PM
You close your eyes to sleep...

Your dreams are often filled with nothingness, but tonight was different. There was a gentle lull, a slow awakening; you opened your eyes, but you were not where you'd laid your head. Instead, all of the South stands sprawled out before you. But it is not in its usual temperate stillness. Rather, there is a deafening silence, a nervous feeling that is so unlike the South that it unsettles you. And even more frightening is the sky: to the east, the sun battles against the encroaching night as it pushes it way into the sky, but the night is unrelenting, and from the west you can see darkness sprawling across the heavens, its wicked fingers reaching forth and tearing apart the light.

You have an evil in your heart that you cannot escape.
Let it guide you. Let it consume you.

The voice is so deep it is hard to tell if it's male; but it is disembodied, and though it seems to be coming from the darkness that creeps along the sky, you feel it deep within your soul, as if its speaker is right beside you. Your legs begin to tremble, you heart begins to beat swiftly in your throat. As you falter, the darkness continues to swallow the sky, and the remnants of the sun begins to dip below the horizon. And in its weakest moments, you hear the faintest of voices calling:

Do not let the darkness overwhelm you. There is goodness in your heart.
You must decide what path you take. Protect them. Protect the Harbingers.

But just before you can ask what and who the Harbingers are, the darkness swallows the sky, and forces the sun well beyond the horizon. Suddenly, the South erupts in life once more, its familiarity a warmth that invites you in. To you, it seemed as if the darkness allowed continent to breathe life once more. You begin to question whether or not you should trust the light...but you can't shake what they said. What could they possibly mean? Suddenly, the original voice interrupts you, and begins to lull you awake.

Fear not the night, my child, for I have given you claws and fangs for a reason.
You need not protect and serve; you need only to take whatever you desire.

Last night, as @Atlayo laid his head to sleep, he experienced a haunting dream.
What could this mean? Begin your adventure and find out!

On behalf of the staff, welcome to Frostbound!

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