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10-17-2020, 10:11 PM
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Black fur ruffled in the wind as the beast kept a slow pace down the moors. His scars ached but it was a pain easily ignored; everything usually was. He was making his way to the pools of water down between the hills, and at the forefront of his mind he wondered where she was. It had been some time ago, when they were both a little older than yearlings that they had met. He could remember the day he took his freedom from his abusers. His family. The days that passed afterwards blurred together, Caedes had been hardly responsive until that scent of blood met his nares. So rich was the stench that he could taste it on his tongue, bringing the beast back from his stupor and leading him to the twin beast that he'd followed since. This was the image burned into his skull forever. The sight of her ripping the heart of her father out from his corpse.

Things had been clear since then. He hadn't felt regret for what he'd done to his keepers, but... what was he to do now? Caedes had been kept all his life, beaten into submission and forced to do as everyone else pleased. Now... he could do whatever he liked, and still he chose Loki. She had a way about her that beckoned and made way for purpose. It was strange at first, yet over time it became second nature to move as she moved.

Caedes stopped at the edge of the waters, peering over at his reflection for a moment before the long scars running across his muzzle wrinkled as his face contorted into a big yawn. They'd known each other for half their lives now, so it would have been a shame if he did not notice the nearly nonexistent sound of her nimble approach. "Loki." He greeted, though he did not look away from the crystalline waters.
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She stands upon the precipice of death, curved and poised like an ancient Queen carved from the blood and steel of War. Scars mottle her flesh, defining her past in the wickedness of their gnarls and puckered bits of flesh but if such ancient wounds distress her, the serpent never shows it. A sharp wind snaps her pelt like rippling fabric, casting the scent of lavender sprawling down the hillside. Beyond her a wild herd of deer lift their skulls from the indulgence of gluttony with fear but they see her naught. Loki is a shadow, blackened and tucked in the womb of darkness unless she deigns to make her presence known and as the moment presents, she sees no reason to enact upon savagery. She hungers but not for sinew or blood... no her ambitions are far more vast.

On silent paws, she offers the presentation of prey her spine, mottled and broken by weakness and instinct they deserve no less and she has him to hunt. Her gait is a powerful thing, defined in elegance and poise, but rippling like a predator lurking in the shadows just waiting for the opportune moment to spring. Her jaws come apart and flashes of ivory fang peel through the shadows along with glimpses of a salmon tongue. She gains speed, posture losing none of it's smooth elegance as her lips curl back in a silent snarl and she stalks through the grass. Faster, faster, he is close, she can taste him.

He speaks her name, her mockery of an accolade and she bleeds from the grass like tar, purposeful and consuming... oh... and she will consume him. Without a sound or a single vibration of her vocals to betray her intent, she rears forelimbs ensnaring his neck in a choke hold while her teeth tear into the flesh and sinew of his shoulder. She does not tear, she does not rip, she holds him in the steel vice of her jaws and only then does she moan. A vibration of pleasure that sinks into the very thick of his veins. It is not punishment... but reward.

She releases him after a moment, teeth stained with the essence of his existence as she gracefully returns her paws to the earth. "Caedes." She rumbles, deep and meaningful. There is an entire conversation shared in two simple syllables "You linger at the ragged visage of your crown, but it is nary complete without a wreath of bone to adorn your skull. Beauty in your brutality. What do you seek at the water's edge aside from remembrance of the dead?"


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10-18-2020, 05:48 AM
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It came as no surprise when she struck. Her limbs snaking around his neck, teeth finding purchase within the flesh of his shoulder. Though Caedes did not so much as blink, rather, he welcomed this greeting of hers. But what he did not expect was the moan which sent shudders down his spine. Surely she could feel that. His breathing hitched and his eyes closed for a moment- long enough to say one word as he sorted himself out. "Careful." As if to say, I can consume you too. Not a command, not out of some unknown concern, but a promise. They may have looked like brother and sister but they were not, he was a man and she a sadistic little devil woman. He wondered what that was for, yet he had never truly been the brains of this operation. His recovery was quick, turning to meet her gaze with his own toxic eyes. On his lips played a ghost of a smirk.

What indeed was it that he sought? He took his time finding an answer, shifting his weight to his haunches. "I look to remember my victory." Caedes rumbled plainly. His scars were from different things, but the ones that were not earned by battle were the ones given in torture. He considered both to be his victories, however. Now his tormentors were dead, and now he was the torturer- when given the chance. Loki was the only one who understood him, she'd come from similar circumstances but she was a different kind of beast. She was small yet intelligent enough to topple whosoever she set her sights on. Caedes was a beast of brutality, powerful in his own right yet he seldom thought he could win a battle against her. Not unless it was a match to the death. His gaze drifted down to her paws recalling the blood of her blood pooling there, running down her chest and the heart that almost seemed to beat within her dainty maw. He stared now having followed his imagination up to her inky lips and back to her venomous eyes. "I envy your execution of revenge. I should have enjoyed mine more." Caedes' eyes clouded in that way they did whenever he let his sadism run wild.

Loki may powerplay.

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