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Serpentine and Wine
10-27-2020, 01:32 AM
Arachnae felt Rinora's tail begin buzzing wildly as the man leaned closer and closer to her, but she didn't lean any farther back, as she had only done so originally to consume her drink. Irritation buzzed in her mind, and her red and blue eyes flicked sharply sideways at him, and then she turned her head back his way, lips slightly pulled back over her wicked canines.
The black market? I would never dip my paws in such filth ─ I am of Noble blood.
Ah, nobles. She had one noble in her pocket, a pretty little thing interested in her stock. But this one- this one was foul. "My apologies, for you see-" she hissed, moving her own body even closer to his, "I didn't realize poppets could run with the porcelain of the hierarchy." she said, venom dripping from her words. Her statement simply called him lowly, unfit for rich life. He was too unscenely for that life, in her eyes. "You talk big, you speak charmingly, but inside that manly demeanor of yours, you are nothing but a mere boy. So how about we take this outside?" Arachnae suggested, hopping down from her stool. Rinora was nervous, and this being the first time in a long time that she had seen another cobra, she flattened her hood, and did a variation of their mating dance- but it wasnt a mating dance, it was to basically let her know this wasn't her doing.

10-27-2020, 01:41 AM
they're whisperin' again;

She thought herself clever ─ brave even to refuse to yield as his body towered over her own, well, she would show her very well what her bravery would get her. "My apologies, for you see-" his lip twitched, quivered in the unmistakable rage that burned within his belly at the hiss of her tongue. "I didn't realize poppets could run with the porcelain of the hierarchy." a low, deep rumble of a baritone growl bubbled in his chest, his deep green eyes locked upon her face. Never moving, never faltering he stood rigid - ready to pounce.

"You talk big, you speak charmingly, but inside that manly demeanor of yours, you are nothing but a mere boy. So how about we take this outside?" she drew from her stool, slinking away toward the door, a retreat from his body, but at her words Shiver would only laugh.

“What's wrong doll? Don't want an audience to watch what you've done?” he threw the words back in her face, immediately following up with them as he pushed off at his heels, kicking the stool over in the process gaping jaws lunged for the side of her face, aiming to hook his teeth under her jaw ─ he would make the right side of her face match her left.

“Shiver speaking.”
Familiar speaking.

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10-29-2020, 03:32 PM
Arachnae has won the battle!

At the cost of a fine Mahogany table and the brothel owner’s wrath, it is Arachnae who comes out on top. She has established dominance over Shiver!

Arachnae HP: 56


Shiver HP: 20

Arachnae and Shiver have earned the following rewards!

+1 battle toward Combat Experience

10-29-2020, 03:39 PM
She had done it- at the cost of Feyra's property and some cuts, bruises and bites. But pain was nothing new to her, and she would be able to handle ot long enough to seek treatment. But she felt exausted, her small body had over exerted itself with so much adrenaline. She felt the feeling of something smooth make its way up her side, but she knew that feeling- Rinora, returning to her neck, as she had hid away from the fight. The rose woman spat lightly bloody saliva at the feet to the large man she had just slapped. "As I said, your a boy, and need to learn some respect. Your vile, little snake. And just maybe something tells me this will not be the last time we meet." she hissed, turning, and making her way out of the brothel with a ever so slight limp.
//Arachnae exits

10-29-2020, 11:49 PM
they're whisperin' again;

He'd spat back at her, hit the spikes and splinters of wood to dangerously throw them back at the womans face before she could remove herself from the vicinity of his range. Teeth bared seething with hatred as he rose, hackles bristled. “This was YOUR doing” he hissed, “You provoked this.” he spat.

His teeth never halted their display toward the woman. And he'd shoved his way through the rowdy crowd, taking a bite or two out of the wolves that hovered too close as he took his leave. Fangs sinking into their muzzles, he'd gone as far to lunge at one sending the poor thing into a shriek of fear as they sunk to the floor of the bar. After that ─ they cleared a path to let the noble through. He'd picked up, gotten his things and Morrigan had found her way back around his shoulders.


“Shiver speaking.”
Familiar speaking.

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