At the top of her lungs words belted in an exuberant off-key voice. Words escaped from between her lips, capturing and flinging the noise with the same skillfulness as a sheep trying to be a wolf. Ears flattened down against her crown as a particularly high pitched note was reached. In the distanced bird or two took flight, annoyance screamed in her general direction. The soft whisper as the air slide between feathers becoming swallowed by ear skewed notes, and off-key pitches. Daija let the words just flow, her eyes closing every now and then to suck in and expelled on a powerful gust lyrics to something she once heard but had no idea what it was.

“to the forest… to the hills… to the sweat drop down my back… so all you branches… crawl.”

And so the only versus she knew proceeded to flow from her vocal cords, wrapped around that awkward tongue, and forced itself into any eardrums close enough to the onslaught. Daija sang beautifully to her own ears, soft and joyfully. A little bounce in her step, a playful lilt to her voice as she fudged one of the lines by saying “get me low… low… low.. low..” with the words she lowered herself down, creeping along the path then popping up and once again the words to the famous ‘get low’ song by Lil Jon and the east side boys fell back into focus.

In truth, she had no idea what she was singing or what any of it meant but it sounded perfectly wonderful to her. So wonderful in fact she ended up messing two songs together, the beat vibrating just along her chest, rumbling up, fractured and broken by bits of bubbling laughter. Ears peeked, the sun dashed around her, cast beautifully and warmly against the natural earthy tones of her coat. Heat smoothly felt around her frame, the feeling of serenity and contentment making her foolish, foolish enough to sing so loudly and foolish enough to not really look where she was going.

With her head tossed back and forth to the lyrics from before she bounced with carefree jubilation. That euphoria carried her further down that path, slow and steady wins the race. Only this isn’t a race and the rabbit and turtle never face planted into a thick, round, hard tree. One second she threw her head to the right, the words “so all you branches.” And the next a gasp fell from her lips as pain radiated through her, sliding in around her body and quickly sending a jolt of pain pounding into the side of her head. She stopped dead in her tracks, blinked a few times before realizing what just happened. “Hello tree, forgive me please.” She said in that honey-sweet voice.