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11-02-2020, 08:07 PM
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Body flexed and stretched as he begrudgingly pulled himself away from his love’s side. Rising before first light as always and attempting not to disturb his more nocturnal mate’s sleep. A gentle kiss would be placed upon her brow before the svelte figure slid his body under the mouth of their den and out into the crisp morning. It had become routine for them since they had made their home a short distance from the shores of the misty lake. He would get up early, wander a mile or two perimeter around their home and then return to bathe and help Iolaire with her garden for the rest of the morning. It was comfortable, he had come to love it. Ever since he had been a boy he had wanted to help those around him, he had wanted to ease the burden’s of others... But it turns out that you can’t do that without losing little bits of yourself along the way, he had learned that the hard way. This was easier, he could handle the burden’s of one.

Iolaire had never been perfect, their history far from smooth, but he knew her and that was all he wanted. He had come to want nothing more in life then their simple life and her smile. Which had become surprisingly easy to accomplish... All it had taken was some solitude, some fertile soil encased in large stones and as many seeds and cutting as he could find. It had become almost second nature for him to scan the foliage around him as he patrolled, eyes taking in the plants around them and trying his best to remember things that his father and Iolaire had taught him. He had never had the same interest in plants that his father had had, but since this new life he had found himself remembering things he hadn’t realized he had known about plants. Sometimes Iolaire would name a plant, point it out on their walks and he would remember what it was used for... Little jems tucked away in his memory along with the sound of his fathers voice.

Midsummer wasn’t usually the best time for herb collecting, most things were in full bloom and couldn’t have seeds harvested just yet, though it was a good time for clippings. Some plants were okay with being dug up by the roots and transplanted as well, though he had learned the hard way that some plants did not like to be dug up. Iolaire had told him as much when he had returned home to present her with some ginger, the root intact. Once planted they didn’t love to be moved... But today it wasn’t anything simple that caught his eye, it was a pinkish plant that he hadn’t seen since his childhood. A cardinal flower....? His father had grown it in his own garden, bright red flowers also eye catching even to those that didn’t know plants.

This one was smaller, probably only a year or two old from the height with only a few blooms but it was unmistakable. And it was something he knew Iolaire didn’t have yet... Paws set to work clearing a circle around plant, nails gentle excavating the plant until the majority of the root ball was still intact and above the ground. Gently he grasped the root ball, head tipped at a 90 degree angle to try and keep the stalk upright as he set off back towards home. He didn’t move quickly, not wanting to snap the steam accidentally and ruin all of this work. Each step was taken with pain staking care as he directed himself back towards the lake.


11-02-2020, 08:26 PM
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Due to her joy of communing with the moon and the night sky, Iolaire tended to sleep in a bit in the mornings. It worked out for the most part. Erion rose, rarely disturbed her, and went off to do his own thing for a time. Having time to oneself was rather important and both of them knew and accepted that. While her love was gone, Io stretched and took up the entire sleeping space. She liked this part of the morning. As much room as she wanted and then some. She'd roll around, doze, and wake up at her own leisure. Sometimes she was up before Erion returned. Sometimes she wasn't.

Eventually the slate, snow and obsidian lady extracted herself from the bed, no more sleep to be had. With a yawn and a couple of bone popping stretches, she made her way out of the den and into the world. Green and gold eyes narrowed against the initial onslaught of the glaring light, but eventually she adapted. Moving to the edge of the water, the dainty woman swished a bit around in her mouth, cleansing away the taste of sleep. She gave her face a rinse, then popped a sprig of mint between her teeth. Ready for the day. Bathing in the morning had always been a silly thing. She was just going to get filthy anyway.

As Iolaire waited for Erion to return from wherever his paws had taken him, she visited their expansive garden. Moving gently between the rows, she plucked out the beginnings of little weeds. As she moved along, Io spoke to the plants. Some were useful, others were there simply for show. All of them were treasured and well cared for. Taking up a homemade watering can made from a turtle shell, the slender lass began giving her floral beauties their morning drink. Only when they'd been cared for did she even begin to think about her own morning sustenance.

Back at the edge of the lake, Iolaire waded out a short ways to a series of nets and traps. The space was large enough to trap several fish inside while still allowing them to swim and thrive. Lots of practice allowed her to deftly pluck one from the hold. It would be a decent breakfast for the pair of them, she thought. Wading back to the bank, the fae gave the fish a good thunk on a rock, ending its life. She would wait until Erion returned to eat. Io didn't particularly like fish, but the remains were very good fertilizer for plants. Little sacrifices for her little darlings.


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11-02-2020, 08:45 PM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2020, 08:45 PM by Erion.)
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The cramp in his neck and the dirt in his mouth were barely noticeable, a stupid grin apparent even on his sideways face looking like a puppy with a stick. That was always his face though, he had brought Iolaire a strange assortment of plants home. Everything from useless things to rare beauties. More often useless things, but she loved them none the less. He did prefer their outings together collecting plants, especially in the fall when everything was going to seed. It was quite the wonder watching Iolaire in her natural habitat, wandering through the moors and finding strange plants sometimes under things he wouldn’t have even thought to move.

He spotted her before she spotted him. Moving amidst her plants slowly, and for a moment he paused to watch her, still a fair distance away. She looked, happy there, or if not happy, content at least. His stupid grin returned as she stepped towards the lake, checking the traps there and he began his funny quick steps towards her again, paws moving fast but no more then a few inches at a time to cause the least amount of bounce to his red prize. He could feel the dirt falling away from the root ball, despite his best efforts, and trickling down his white chest. For anyone else the immaculate man would have been distressed, but it was far from the front of his mind.

Hoping to semi surprise her her stopped as she caught her fish and placed the plant down, inspecting to to make sure that he hadn’t fucked up the stem in his travels before issuing a quick bark. ”I found this this morning. If it’s what I think it is, I think it’s for lung issues... maybe to make people throw up...? My father used to have it in his garden, it’s called a cardinal plant. If it is what I think it is...” He added as he peered at the plants. It had been over 3 years since he had last seen it, he was going mostly based off the colour then anything else. But hopefully she would know if it was or was not it...

11-04-2020, 05:58 AM
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Black ears swiveled at the sound of approaching paws. The slightly dirty form of the pale man had Io's maw lifting in a smile. Even after all this time, she was still amazed by him. He was such a handsome beast and he was all hers. They had promised themselves to one another. Iolaire might have once been a woman frequent to sleeping with any wolf, male or female, that struck her fancy. That was no longer the case. Her every waking thought, as well as some of her dreams, were all for Erion.

As he drew near with the plant grasped gently between his maw, Io arched a silver brow, amusement tainting her features. After his explanation she chuckled and nodded. "Cardinal flower." She inspected the plant. He'd done nicely and despite being a little wilted, it wasn't all that worse for wear. "It'll be a lovely addition to the garden. It can be used to help with cramps, and added with other plants to combat fever." Extending her neck, Io placed a kiss on one dirty white cheek. "The more superstitious wolves believe it's a love charm. Seems to be working for you, eh?" With a chuckle, the small woman gently took the plant between her teeth and moved towards the garden. This little guy needed to be tended to before breakfast.

Choosing a place where the ruby plant would receive morning sun and afternoon shade,Io scooped a divot out of the earth. Placing the root ball within, she gently packed the earth around it. Next she went and fetched some water, giving the plant a sip. She would watch it closely for the next few days. If it seemed to flourish by day three, she was certain that it would take root and thrive. If not, she would have to give it a little extra care.

Rinsing her soiled paws at the lake's edge, Io made her way back to Erion and the fish. "Breakfast? You look hungry." The dark fae pushed the fish closer to Erion. She didn't eat much. Especially when there was so much to do that day. Plants needed cultivating, weeds needed plucked, nets needed mending. She really wanted to start building another flower box. So much to do. "Do you have any plans for the day?" Io had brought a few late season strawberries out with the fish and quickly popped one into her maw. Io was a sucker for strawberries. She offered one to Erion as well, holding it up so that he might take a bite if desired.


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11-10-2020, 06:12 AM
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She looked exasperated; she looked like she was unimpressed with his antics. But that arch of her brow just told him how much she was enjoying the sight of his little steps towards her. He loved that look; he loved how she tried to look anything other than delighted at the newest addition to her garden that he had brought her. It didn’t help the stupid grin that spread across his lips as he placed the flower down. She chuckled softly, agreeing with his original assessment to which he couldn’t help but wag his tail, tongue lapping at his dirt stained taste in an attempt to get the soil form his teeth but in the end only succeeding in pulling more dirt from his face into his mouth.

She explained its uses and his grin magnified to almost outstanding proportions as she reached forward and placed a kiss on his cheek. Her next statement made him tip his head, he had never heard that before but it didn’t surprise him with the red of its flowers. He hadn’t seen anything else quite this colour before… ”I need all the help I can get if I am going to keep you around.” He said, a sly grin on his face before he stood and shook himself off. He knew the drill, she needed some time to situate her new plant and he needed one hell of a bath. More than anything he needed to get this damn taste out of his mouth.

She set off towards her garden he took no time bounding towards the lake, steering clear of their fishing nets as to not mess with the balance Iolaire had settled upon. He went in nose first, practically diving off the shore head first into the water. He allowed his body to stay submerged for as long possible, thrashing under water to try and dislodge as much dirt as possible. He wasn’t about to get perfectly clean but he needed it to be a start. So with that he pushed himself back to the surface and started heading out of the lake, he shook the majority of the water off his body before licking here and there to try and get the big brown spots off his white coat.

He was just settling down beside the fish Io had brought for their breakfast when she wandered back over to join him. As if in response to her question he found his stomach grumbling, followed by a throaty laugh. ”I had planned to get something on the way but got distracted by plants as usual. Thank you for getting breakfast this morning…. And most mornings” He couldn’t help but wink as she pushed the fish towards him. Most of their food was fish, living by the lake it was plentiful after all. Occasionally they would hunt together or go out separately and catch smaller game when they grew tired of fish. Sometimes traders would come and buy herbs from Iolaire with game as currency and that was always a good time.

He ripped into the fish, tearing strips off the bone easily as she settled in and asked if he had any plans for the day. She plucked up a strawberry and plopped on in her mouth before offering one to him. He reached forward and plucked it from her paw, laying a kiss there before retreating once more and munching on the sweet treat thoughtfully. ”I had thoughts of heading to the moors and seeing how that pack there fares… Not solid plans though. I would like to start hunting some more, maybe pulling out fish and preparing to dry it for winter. Maybe find somewhere near here and get a cold storage going to better store more herbs that you want to dry for the winter…. A lot to do, just like you, but where to start is always the question. How about you? Any plans? Do you need any help with anything today?” He didn’t want to leave her high and dry of course. But she had always been much better with the plants then he had been… He enjoyed helping build things with her, like the gardens, netting, he very much wanted to make her a larger work space… But when it came to weeding and cutting back flowers, he always felt like more of a burden then a help, more afraid of pulling up a beloved herb then a flower. It didn’t help that so many weeds did have purposes…

11-17-2020, 10:05 PM
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A soft huff was released accompanied by a dramatic rolling of eyes as Erion joked, saying that he needed help to keep her around. "Magic flower or no, I'm afraid you're stuck with me, sir." Her tone was curt, but it was obvious that she was joking as well. To further prove her humor, when he turned to leave, Iolaire gave his nice pale rump a swat with her paw. A sendoff, and a nice one at that.

They had parted ways but, as always, they were soon together again. He munched at the fish and she ate her strawberries. The one that she'd offered to him had been accepted with a kiss and Io couldn't help but grin. The things that he did to her... By now Erion should be very aware of her overactive libido. If he kept being cute, she was going to throw him in bed and have her way with him. You know, minus the throwing part because damn was she small.

As they broke their fast in comfort, black ears perked, listening to his plans for the day. The pale man ran down a list and Io nodded. All good ideas. They could indeed use more meat to store for winter. There was never enough meat. Especially bison, Iolaire's favorite. There was never, ever enough bison. Just thinking about it made the tri-colored lady's mouth water. Mmph. In response to his question, she nodded. "You now me. Garden stuff." Casting her green and gold gaze towards the edge of their land where the sprawling gardens stood, she continued. "Build some more boxes, transplant a few things, get everyone winter ready. I might also make a few clay pots so that we can bring some of the less hardy plants inside while it's cold." It beat having to find them and replant them in the spring. All things that she could do on her own. Despite his sweet offer, Iolaire was quite self sufficient. The only time that she really needed help was in the brute strength department. For that, she was in short supply.

Erion had mentioned visiting a nearby group of wolves. It made Io a little nervous. These weren't exactly friendly lands or friendly times. Lids closed partially over vibrant eyes as she looked down to her paws. "Be careful when you go." She was as untrustworthy as they came. To Iolaire, everyone had some ulterior motive. It took time and finesse to decipher that motive sometimes, but it was always there. As if to hammer in just how much she cared about his well being, the dainty fae rose, moved forward, and placed a kiss upon her lovers forehead. Raising one paw, she brought it to his cheek, applying light pressure to tilt his muzzle upward. Iolaire allowed every ounce of her love for him to fill those eyes as she pressedher nose against his. She reiterated softly, "Be careful." And then she kissed him, soft and light, a mere brushing of lips. A promise of more if he came back in one piece.


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11-19-2020, 11:18 AM
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They were so hard done by… Stuck with each other in this wretched home front they had created together; Erion forever having to pay for her affections with various plants, and her being kept here isolated and away from everyone else. She joked that he was stuck with her and he could only wink, faking a gasp as she smacked his rump in a send-off. Tail swished as if in indignation even if what he was feeling was far from that.

They settled in for food, Iolaire grinning as he kissed her. Her eyes danced with mischief and he took a moment to hold that gaze. Any other day and he would have taken her right there… He loved the days that they shirked all their responsibilities and spent the day together in bed. But he wanted to be at least semi productive today, and if they started something he knew that it would only be sleep that tore them apart.

She nodded along with his detailed list of thing to do, seeming to have nothing really to add or take away. Of course when she responded to his question it was all garden stuff. A sly smile slithered across his lips in response, a knowing smile that said he hadn’t even had to ask. He did follow her gaze to their land, admiring what they had created here. It reminded him of home, it was so much like the home his parents had built together and it was absolutely perfect. They had left behind all the chaos of their old lives and built something perfect here… She talked about building boxes and getting to transplanting some things. Some clay pots, he wondered where they would be keeping those but also knew that they would make space for them in the extra shelter he would be building… How would they stay alive in the winter? Getting enough light without being subject to the frost would be an interesting obstacle to overcome… But he would overcome it… ”I do always enjoy seeing you work clay…” he said, tipping his head and smiling at her.

But her tone and expression changed as he told her that he wanted to go visit the nearby packs. Brows knit together as he studied her. She told him to be careful when he went as she stood up and walked over to plant a kiss upon his brow. Eyes fluttered closed as he enjoyed the touch, feeling her paw upon his cheek as she tipped his chin up to look at her. She pressed her nose to his and repeated her words once more. There wasn’t anything in the world that could keep him away from her, there wasn’t a force out there that could keep him from coming back. She kissed him and he melted against the touch. ”I’ll just be going to the moors to see Rithedir. If he tries anything I promise you I will run like the wind straight back here to you. Nothing could keep me from coming back...” His words were joking but there was nothing but love in his voice as he leaned forward and pressed his nose into her chest, running his cheek along her neck and then nibbling her ear. ”I’ll be back by this evening.” He purred into her ear.

11-19-2020, 01:46 PM (This post was last modified: 11-19-2020, 01:47 PM by Iolaire.)
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He returned her kisses as she knew he would. Within his vibrant orange eyes she could clearly see the love that he felt for her and she emanated her love for him through her own green and gold orbs. His words though prompted a rolling of those eyes. He was just going to the Moors to see someone that she didn't know to do something that she didn't know about. It was all very secretive, it seemed. Or maybe Erion had no idea what he and this Rithmur-something would be doing. Erion was a pure man. A sweet man. She, on the other paw, was neither pure nor sweet. She suspected everyone. Iolaire only hoped that her lover wouldn't be taken advantage of. With another brush of lips, she whispered, "Don't make me poison him..."

As the pallid brute nuzzled and nibbled, her eyes closed. Io had to stop herself from demanding that he stay home so they could do a lot more nuzzling, nibbling and other various touchy feely stuff. Gods, was it difficult though. He purred at her in his sweet voice, offering promises. "Oh, you'd better be. You know how grumpy Senjen gets when I send him out on errands." The hulking cat would be none too happy to be sent out on a mission to bring his companions mate back from the Moors.

Settling back on her haunches, Io stayed in very close proximity to the man before her. "I suppose we should get to it then. The sooner you leave, the sooner you'll come back." Io gave her shoulders a little wiggle. "And if you aren't too tired from spending your day playing with some other man, maybe you'll get to play with me too." Libido? Overactive? Yep. Iolaire enjoyed plants, Erion and sleeping with Erion. She'd never get enough of him. Not in a million years.

With an exaggerated sigh, Io turned away from Erion. She began cleaning up their breakfast. The remains of the fish would be buried in the garden. Fish remnants, including the bones, were great nutrients for the soil. The dainty fae popped the last strawberry into her maw. Without a look back at her lover, she moved off towards her garden. If he wanted something else, he would surely follow.


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