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Stolen Dreams
11-07-2020, 06:52 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2020, 06:52 PM by Osamu.)
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Dawn crept through the canopy like a dark and cautious thing, clinging to the mists with a hot breath at the back of the nape. It was always at this hour when the paths were steeped in quiet, a hushed, choking calm awaiting the sun that would swiftly follow. Waking violently, as always, Osamu jolted against the groove of gnarled wood he had taken as his bed just a few hours prior, pale eyes the only truly visible thing he surrendered. Quick to rise, do not tarry, do not be weak or vulnerable. It was a habit he had long before poisonous words had begun to shape him, and yet, this morn, it was different. Tension coiled his spine tight, and an echo of his heart racing against his ribs left a hollow ache in the base of his throat.

He could not remember the dream, images flickering through his grasp, fleeing into the opaque white of his mind. Just as he tried to reach for them, they eluded him, and with a gruff growl, he pulled himself up, shaking his shoulders with irritation as he stumbled from bed.

To the southeast, conquest laid, Osamu licking his lips with disinterest. He had seen the great congregation that had followed in wake of the Kings ire; seeking possession of the unknown world, something the Yaurith had desired for generations. It had come as no surprise to him, when whispers had first met his ears, calling to arms and a hushed yet brewing excitement in the streets. The markets had transformed once more under the thirst of gossip, the peasants, coveting the possibility of power in their helplessness. Theirs was a society that would be crushed under its own weight if they didn't expand, the warning scathing with hungry words and vicious disgust.

He wondered, what path the man would have walked; probably with the king. He had always been a staunch loyalist; at least, had portrayed himself as such. But he had never been particularly interested in the further-reaching plans. His role had always been in the moving of the smaller pieces.

Askan's Wood may have shared a border with Yaurith, but it couldn't be any further from similarities. Osamu had grown up in the crowded, archaic streets; his paws bloodied by stone until they grew coarse and callous. The stench, the too many bodies in too small an area; the conglomeration of selfish interests all baying at the gates of the royal palace. Osamu had come to know it as a place where only the thoughts of others gave true power, bribery, and threats and ass-kissing galore. Perhaps it was why he preferred the somber wilderness; quiet in a way he shared.

"Take whatever you desire," he murmured, the words falling from his lips thoughtlessly as they crooned in a whisper against the hollow of his ear.


11-29-2020, 03:52 AM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2020, 03:55 AM by Esmeray.)
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Esmeray de Agnor Valencia
By dawn, the Eridanus had led his troops southwards. Whether it be wanderlust or a carnal desire for blood, the king was decisive in his moves and no one attempted to dissuade them for they all knew their efforts would be for naught. With his soldiers included her own guard, the one she had grown up besides and the one she would dare say was her lover now for in the previous night, the two had been intertwined with desires and a night full of taboo ecstasy. However, she would wake up with her bedside cold. Cassius' duties to the king exceeded the ones to herself and that thought surged forth the whispers of a bitter resentment towards her own ruler.

The absence of her guard would be filled with another. This one less benign and more blunt in both his actions and words. It was not a bad thing, but curiosity did spark when the man's shadow flickered past the windows of her room at the break of dawn. Her first thought was rather contemptuous, believing that Cassius' choice of replacement was defective at best for leaving its master unguarded. Her second came after, a simple curious question pertaining to where Osamu was heading to. A thick woolen black cape would be wrapped around her body as she silently followed after. Autumn had broken through a few days prior, and with it the autumn winds that would soon turn frigid in a few months.

As she matched his pawsteps, she would find himself in a familiar setting of a forest where the animals went rabid. Blue eyes flicked to the guard's larger body as his lips parted slightly, the formation of words that she would not be able to catch. She would watch him a little longer and how in place he seemed. Perhaps Osamu was a man more akin to solitude rather than the bustling streets of the Capital.

Leaves crunched under her steps as she made her way beside him. Their difference in size growing with each feet she came closer until her azure hues fell upon a rather feminine shade of pink. "It's cold," she murmured, stating nothing but the obvious. With the sun's weak rays barely touching the earth, the coldness of the air lingered like a foul beast waiting to be chased by the light of the. Her head turned until she could take in what he had been entranced with — nothing but an endless maze of trees. She scoffed lightly, "Were you hoping to see someone's face other than mine here?"

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