Run toward the sun
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11-10-2020, 06:46 AM (This post was last modified: 11-10-2020, 06:48 AM by Gabriel.)
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It was early, far too early for the sun to grace the mountains with its presence. He had set out early on his one day off... but he wasn't using his day off to rest as one would probably do. He went to bed early the day before and just after midnight so he could travel up here.

Flashes of smiles too wide for those faces. Empty eyes and a dead stare, they all gaze towards the sky for a god that isn't there. He watches everyone else, he doesn't look to the sky as everyone else does. A watcher of the flock of a sheep, a predator hiding in plain sight. He feels someone watching him and finds the culprit. He mouths something vicious, something cruel. The pup can do nothing but try to hold his ground and stare back. The pup can do nothing. Nothing.

A rough breath of air pushes past parted pink lips, he clicks his teeth as he shuts his mouth for a moment—but he has to open it again, high elevations, it gets harder to breathe. He came up here for this was the last place he remembers that they were. The sheep and their would-be-savior, he knew he likely still was no match for that beast. But he needed a glimpse, to make sure that they were still somewhere around here, somewhere within reach. Close enough that when he could, he can taste the blood from The First's neck.

Revenge was usually described as cold, but the very thought was what kept Gabriel warm.

"here comes the sun"
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11-21-2020, 10:57 AM
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No matter how much time had passed he kept coming back to this spot, it had become almost habitual once Lucia went to sleep. He stood there, staring at the ground when a moment of realization came upon him. They had to move… He couldn’t keep coming back here; he couldn’t keep dredging up these memories in this place. It was getting to the point where the graves he felt like he had dug for his friends and family were becoming overgrown. But still the man had no issue finding them; slinking along the graves and pulling a few of the bigger weeds from between the rocks he had laid on top of the graves to keep scavengers from feasting on the bodies.

He never lingered long, he couldn’t bring himself to stay here for any amount of time, and instead he simply pulled weeds and then moved and set off back towards home. It was still dark out; he never dared to come here in daylight for fear of it being watched and him being found. And yet despite that danger… Here he was, putting both himself and his ward in danger. ’I found these for you…’ From the bushes his companion hopped, scarlot fabrics folded in one arm and feathers in another. ’They didn’t take them…’ Cruxer’s shoulder slumped as he saw the fabric.

He stood stock still as the primate set to work, wrapping the beaded scarf around his neck and then the second one around his tail. Next, large feathers were braided into spruce sap drenched fur along the back of his neck. Gold beads into the sides of his skulls, earrings into his ears, and then white downy feathers stuck into the sides of his neck with sap as well. It was what he had worn every day in his pack… He had discarded it all in the fray to make himself less identifiable as they ran… His brother had given him these…

For a moment he just stood, his companion seated on the ground beside him with hand on his shoulder. ”Thank you for finding these… Shai’s…? The word hung in the air for a moment but his companion didn’t move or answer and he knew the answer. They had never found his brothers body, they had never found any sign of him, Cruxer couldn’t help but hold onto hope that maybe he was still out there. But he couldn’t linger for too long, dropping his head for his companion to climb onto his back before setting off again. He had to get out of here…

A sharp tug to the back of his neck drew his attention back to the present, turning his head towards the direction his companion was pointing. In a valley below a male strode, seeming to be searching for something… Eyes narrowed immediately, suspicious of his intentions especially in this area of the mountain. Body slunk down the hillside towards the man, eyeing him cautiously. ”Not many come to these mountains… Why are you here?” He rumbled, unable to beat around the bush at all in this situation. Was he an order member here to track down the stragglers?

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