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Howling Winds
11-16-2020, 04:29 AM
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Regal and domineering the onyx serpent stood at the precipice of unstable stone with her claws hooked around the edge. Her venomous gaze absorbed the volatile sea far below and as the salty brine reached her nares, her lip curled back in a disgusted sneer. Her flesh itched, she could feel the build up of wind swept salt ingraining into the silken length of her fur and scraping against her flesh and she loathed it. It was a bitter moment of discomfort twisted out of proportion by an obsessive compulsive disorder she’d maintained from youth but she forced herself to stand still, to simply endure the discomfort. Loki would not be weak and this obsessiveness with presentation and first appearance would have its limitations that only she would set. Not fear, not discomfort, not a lack of will but by raw determination. She was a viper and the only venom she would be privy too was the venom she gave herself.

A particularly vicious wind smashed against her, rippling through her fur like a black omen but Loki’s claws only scraped against the stone in endurance, bracing against the onslaught. An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, but even in this Loki would seek an advantage. The scent of the sea was powerful, yes, but she could also catch the faint scent of the gulls and the lingering scent of another predator, a wolf. Loki’s expression morphed into something akin to cool indifference, neither aggressive nor friendly, the serpentine witch twisted, her lithe onyx frame a picture of subtle power and domineering elegance. Despite her slight stature, Loki’s aura was powerful, all but commanding the space around her and bending it to her will. Her toxic eyes fell on the stranger that found themselves so far beyond the scope of what most considered safe and she let the full weight of her attentiveness fall upon them. Loki did nothing with half measure and when she spoke she did so with purpose… it was how she bred such fierce loyalty in the hearts of beasts and monsters.

“What draws you to the precipice of a final plummet. Grief? Rage? Fear? None of us venture so far beyond the scope of logical safety without purpose… what is yours?” A low baritone, Loki’s voice was powerful without ever rising in tenacity or volume. She was a Queen with a crown of barbed venom, a difficult presence to ignore or dismiss.

"Tame the fire from within, you won't break me. Love will tie the tourniquet and suffocate me"

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11-19-2020, 12:59 PM
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He moved like water, yielding and giving way to his surroundings as the ashen male slipped up the craggy hill towards the apex. Some distance away he had noticed a black shape upon the crest, leaning into the wind and peering down into the sea. Something in his chest had tightened and immediately, almost without conscious thought, the knight had headed towards the creature. It was only half way up the hillside that he had come to realize what exactly he was approaching and the strange way the creature held themself. Limbs didn’t churn quite so quickly, holding himself back as he slowed to a walk. Luminescent eyes narrow as something in his gut told him to leave this well enough alone. Was it Iolaire’s voice in the back of his head telling him that outsiders weren’t to be trusted? He couldn’t quite put his paw on it but something didn’t feel right.

That feeling of unease magnified as her scent rushed over him, bathing him in the scent of salt soaked lavender. She seemed to notice him just as he came to the conclusion that this was as close as he wished to get. Body twisted to turn and face him, striking green eyes catching and holding his own. Erion didn’t blink, searching for something in those eyes… When she spoke her words were a low rumble, barely audible over the whipping wind. But the wind seemed to comply and carry her words down to him. A strange smirk spread across his lips as he looked at her and considered her words. ”Concern for the life of another found standing at the precipice of a final plummet…” He echoed her words back to her, allowing his volume to rise with the winds to make sure they carried well enough. He couldn’t help but wonder what it was that brought her here. Was it one of those things that she had listed? Was she here to handle her grief?

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