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Greedy Bones
11-22-2020, 10:49 AM (This post was last modified: 11-23-2020, 03:59 PM by Resin.)
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There had been trouble in the marketplace of late. Some of the rabble had been banding together to carry out strategically planned thievery. With enough complaints from the merchants, the king has decided to place soldiers in the marketplace. It would be their job to keep the peace, catch the crooks and be a reminder that the crown was always watching. There were repercussions for every action and today's repercussion went by the name of Resin.

The woman was massive. Years of training had turned the dame into a mass of hard muscle. War was no stranger and the proof was evident on her ashen frame. Scars littered her body, crisscrossing here and there. The largest consumed her left shoulder and chest, the fur stripped away to reveal thr dusty grey scar tissue beneath. This was the largest but it wasn't the most noticeable. The behemoths left eye had clearly been bitten from her skull. Raking teeth marks started on her brow and ended on her cheek. The eye was gone but the other remained. A piercing orb of sulfur yellow looked upon all with complete clarity. As if she needed any help, a thick obsidian ruff stretched down the back of her neck and over the fronts of her shoulders, making her look even larger.

Other guards of lesser rank milled about, but the scarred woman sat out in the open, making her presence very, very clear. A thick cape of musk ox pelt was clasped at her throat and hung down her back. She was imposing and she obviously meant business, but that was not to say that she wasn't kind.

Urchins, orphans, the unfortunate and the just plain hungry frequented the marketplace. Resin was sympathetic to their plight. Hard times befell some and, in the case of children, sometimes there was no coming back from it. Today a group of younglings stood off to the side, their eyes dim but hopeful as they begged for the basest of necessities: food. It was difficult to watch. Though the woman lacked a single mothering bone in her body, she didn't like seeing children starving or mistreated.

Rising from her place, the giantess approached a meat vendor's stall. She slid him some currency and gave instruction. A short time later, after she had taken up her place once more, the merchant approached the children, delivering meat to starving mouths. They didn't ask where it came from and the merchant didn't tell them, which was also per her instruction. It was better that they didn't know, lest they start to beg her in person. It was good enough that they wouldn't go hungry today. Her good deed done for the day, the woman went back to sitting tall and surveying the marketplace.


11-24-2020, 09:54 PM
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Rumors were heavy among the templars, and normally White Timber never listened. Some, however, were of some use. And when he kept hearing, over and over that is, about one mighty lady - his interest piqued. Who was she? Why was she so revered? It was as if the moment someone saw the woman in action, they let the scene spread like wildfire. Of course, things were fleshed out and enhanced in certain areas, as it happens with rumors traveling down the grapevine. But each version was just as grand as the last, and just as intriguing to White Timber.

And so, he figured he would see what all the fuss was about. Perhaps he would have to test her for himself - was she so good to best the iron beast himself? Doubtful. But if she was, then what a woman that would make her. Maybe even the best fighter he had ever known. Ah, but let’s not let the imagination get the better of him. First thing’s first, he would need to test her might before making assumptions.

It was last night that he had made up his mind in trying to find her, as the talk among some of the knights grew too much for him to bear. He had left their presence and stepped away with Orsina, telling his familiar of his plans the next day. Bringing him back to the moment, Orsina’s large shoulder bumped into the grey wolf and made him stumble forward. He snarled, looking at her with a blazing fire in his eyes when she nodded with her corpulent skull up ahead. A woman sat, poised and stoic, in a spot tucked away yet still a vantage point, observing the market place. He gathered himself, watching as she then stood and left her spot. His nostrils wriggled as she went to a meat seller, did some business, then returned to her spot. From there, the salesman fed some starving unfortunates. White Timber’s head cocked to the side, and looked back at the grizzly bear. Orsina’s eyes never stole away from the woman, and she began to lumber forth toward her. The knight watched for a moment before catching up, and ultimately surpassing Orsina so as to not alarm the famed fellow templar.

While he made no attempt to conceal his approach, he did so silently. He moved to her side, sitting as tall and regal, and took up the surveying. Golden eyes did not peel away from the crowd as he offered his greeting.
"Generous of you."
Deep, thunderous words expelled with a drawl, but it was all he’d offer at the moment.


11-25-2020, 10:28 AM
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Wolves and their beasts came and went, the marketplace filling and depleting like the waves of the ocean. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow. Little of import was happening. A small dispute between vendor and patron, but that rectified itself. Resin would not get involved in all matters, Only those that escalated beyond the norm. The light of the sun filtered through the clouds for a moment and the one-eyed woman's gaze narrowed against the onslaught of light. A chill autumn breeze ruffled the thick fur cloak, the promise of winter on its breath.

Behind the woman, a mountain of white shifted. Tilting her head slightly to graze the shape with her golden gaze, the woman spoke in low tones. "I see them." 800 or so pounds of giant, white boar moved a step forward. A show of force if necessary. A reminder if not. His beady red eyes fixed upon the approaching man and his bear. The Baron was on guard, but Resin was not. It wasn't wise to carry out an attack in the marketplace. Besides, she didn't know this man.

Surprisingly, the man sat tall beside her. He was slightly larger than she was and looked to weigh a big more, but they were both impressive beasts. She did not turn to look at him, nor did he turn to look at her. They were simply two ashen pillars. A matched pair. The brute's voice was deep and low as he commented on her generosity. The maned fae's blackened lips raised oh so slightly at the corners. One might miss it if they weren't looking directly at her. "The less fortunate are deserving of such generosity, for only on the backs of the weak can greatness rise." Without the weak and the poor, without the downtrodden, there was no reason for kings to rise. There was no need for warriors and knights. Without these pour, unfortunate souls, there was no need for her. Or, judging by the look of him, no need for him either.

"Resin," she gave her name simply. There was no need for titles. Titles were words and words were wind. The giantess let her actions show who and what she was rather than lofty words. She took that moment to cast a sidelong glance at the man. He was... handsome. In a rugged sort of way. No doubt the ladies threw themselves at his paws frequently which she was sure that he loved. Most men seemed to enjoy that sort of thing. Although maybe he might surprise her. Maybe he had a wife at home and shunned that sort of behavior. Who knew? She doubted they would get well acquainted enough to ever find out.


11-26-2020, 03:14 AM
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Upon their approach the boar’s alerted stance was not overlooked, yet respected. Orsina watched him warily, though, and moved to sit behind White Timber. Her attention was not solely on the boar, but she didn’t forget about him either. She surveyed with the wolves, rounded ears pushing forward as the woman known as Resin spoke.

Even still, White Timber did not offer her a glance, he merely began to enjoy her energy, her company.
“The less fortunate are deserving of such generosity, for only on the backs of the weak can greatness rise.”
A true statement, he supposed, but not one he thought about in such a way. Sure, there were times he could be generous, but usually among those he actually cared about. He probably wouldn’t think twice about the strangers in the streets like she did - but that’s maybe why she’s so popular among the talks of the town. Did others see her kind acts, just as much as her battle prowess? She intrigued him more and more, and he was not too upset by that.

Then, the woman offered her name.
He had heard the name through the rumors but he couldn’t be sure that truly was her name until it came from her mouth. He nodded slowly in response to both, then let thunder roll.
"I am White Timber."
He rolled his shoulders back before continuing.
"You are quite the talk of the town, Resin. I hear a lot about you through the templars."
And why should he hide such a fact? Would her ego grow, would that head swell, or would she remain humble and modest? Perhaps a fine medium of sorts. Regardless, he would find out soon enough.


11-26-2020, 02:29 PM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2020, 02:30 PM by Resin.)
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The man gave his name and it was a very fitting one, she thought. He looked like a White Timber. Resin filed the name away for later use. He went on to say that she was famous among the templars? That was news to her. "Oh?" Her single word pushed forth, but she said nothing more. The ash and onyx woman had little knowledge or care for the rest of the templars. She was part of The Order, but she was of a different ilk. Whereas most followed blindly, the scarred woman marched to the beat of her own drum. Perhaps that was why he'd heard of her. She knew that she'd caught some attention by her lack of complete subordination, but it didn't matter. Again... words were wind.

His mention of rumors didn't entirely explain why he was here. Would he attempt to chastise her for not being a sheep like the rest? Was he interested in the fact that she wasn't cut from the same cloth as the other templars? What really was his goal here? A grumble from behind brought the woman's brows furrowing and she shot a baleful golden glance at the boar who seemed to be chuckling. He really was a bastard sometimes.

Resin cleared her throat, directing her attention back to the bustling market. Her gaze fell upon two wolves that were haggling with a vendor. One was holding the vendors attention while the other was filling a sack with fabrics and baubles."Good that you're here. Care to do a little work?" Without seeing if he would follow, the scarred woman rose from her place and moved forward at a walk. She had seen their faces so she was in no hurry. The Baron rose as well, following his companion through the bustling crowd. They parted like a sea for lady and beast. That was his intent.

Though the rest of the people had seen her and the shopkeeper saw her approach, the thieves did not. The boar cut off their escape on one side as Resin approached from behind, quiet, but not trying to hide her presence. "I believe you were just putting those back," she spoke in her rasping, low tones. It wasn't a suggestion, but if they wanted to keep their tails, they would carry out her command.

12-02-2020, 02:46 AM
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Her response was simple, almost as if she wasn’t interested in what the others were saying. It intrigued him more, her modesty was the true gem. But before he could go into detail about it, and tell her of what he’d heard, something was amok. HIs attention turned to the transaction, or lack-there-of, and he quickly followed Resin as she stood and advanced. Her boar knew exactly what to do, and he nodded at Orsina. She stood, moving with them, and altogether the four of them descended like the calm before the storm. On the opposite sides of Resin and her companion stood White Timber and his. Orsina on one side, and White Timber on the other, so as to completely surround the culprits.

Resin spoke first, commanding in a suggestive tone that they were putting the stolen goods back. The shopkeep’s face was one of surprise, and White Timber stood silently, watching with intense, burning topaz eyes. Orsina followed up with a loud bear huff, taking a few steps closer. The thief scrambled, attempting to unload the contents, and the distractor eyeing the four of them with suspicious eyes. White’s attention snapped to him, watching intently, his expression morphing from stoic to brutal. Silvery lips peeled to disclose lethal bridgework.
"Whatever it is you’re planning, it would be wise to rethink it."
Muscle bound limbs took a step forth, ears pinning to a spacious cerebrum. Even if they decided to run, White Timber was certain Resin and or her boar could catch them, while the slower White Timber and Orsina cut them off elsewhere. Either way these thieves wanted to slice it, they were screwed, so the iron beast stood at the ready, in case they were to try any sudden moves.


12-02-2020, 07:08 PM
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Without a word of protest, White Timber rose and followed. His bear followed as well. What a show of force they made. It was a little amusing to the giant woman. Two little thieves would receive their chastisement with all of this muscle. It was definitely overkill, to say the least. Resin alone could have thwarted the nefarious deeds of the thieves, but the two of them together with their giant companions made it almost laughable.

The brutes words rumbled their low threat and the eyes of the thieves went wide. The merchant hadn't even noticed until it was brought to his attention. He began to get a little froggy but Resin silenced him with one slash of golden eye. The thieves unloaded their cache quickly and actually stood still to receive their punishment. That was humorous in itself. "I will remember your faces. If you're caught stealing again, you'll each lose something." Her voice was low and even. Every ounce of threat was a bonified promise. "It could be a tail. It could be a paw, but you will lose something." With a push of her muzzle, she motioned for them to go. "Now go, and apologize to the hardworking merchant." After a few stammered apologies. the pair ran off, tails between their legs.

The vendor began complaining at how lightly the thieves were let off but the ashen woman growled, lips peeling back slightly to flash curved killing teeth. He promptly shut up and thanked the Templars. That was good. Resin had little sympathy for the wealthy. It was her job to keep the peace, however.

Since they were already up, Resin motioned for White Timber to follow with the pull of one shoulder. She fell into step beside him as they moved between the rows of the marketplace. Never one to speak without reason, she kept quiet, simply soaking up the experience that they were sharing together.

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