“Any last words?”

Her voice echoed into the crowd that had gathered to watch the hanging of the infamous thief. He had been tried for his crimes against the crown, and proven guilty. He had evaded capture for months; the evidence of his crimes, first appearing as petty pilferage of small items and wears. Only to escalate with the death of a young mother. Rumor was, he had stumbled upon a young woman who succumbed to the hands of melancholia, and not of his own.

Yet, the evidence the court had compiled against him, had somehow proved his verdict...

“It was not I that killed her, Sire. She had suffered at her own hands. I am guilty of my past crimes, but this... I am not a man that could commit such cruelties.” He stated, clear and loud for the masses to hear.

“A-ask anyone that knows me. I am not the man they painted me to be.” But Hypatia was not charged with deciphering the evidence of half-truths, she was merely there to pass the sentencing, given to him from diplomats and nobles greater than she. The man stammered over his words; tears swelling from his eyes like great tides from the sea. He shook violently, as a necklace of rope was placed gently around his neck.

“Your trial has ended, thief. I cannot save you from their sentencing, but perhaps whatever god you believe in may forgive you for your crimes; and punish those who would wrongly accuse you.” Hypatia spoke as a matter of fact, no emotion betraying her expression. She had seen the deaths of man in far cruel acts than a hanging. Her golden gaze searched the faces among the crowd; there was a tension in the air as they whispered quietly to one another; careful of curious of ears. No doubt, questioning the verdict of his trial.

But the decision was not theirs, even should they protest.

“Your death should be quick. You will lose consciousness and soon not know of any pain as you fade from this world into the next... that is the only I comfort I can give you.” And with that, Hypatia gestured to the executioner to push the man from the ledge; inevitably facing his judgement.

There was nothing she could do. She had to remind herself.


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