August Awards
Welcome to Frostbound's August Awards! This thread is where you can nominate and vote for CoTMs and superlatives. Voting ends on the 15th, in which all votes are added up and whoever has the most votes win (each winner will receive 200 points). For superlatives, there can be more than one winner per category (each winner will receive 25 points). While it is encouraged, you are not required to explain why you think the character you picked should win their respective category. Keep in mind, profile of the month is encouraged not only for aesthetically pleasing profiles, but well-written profiles! You may not nominate your own characters.

Of The Month's
Character of the month:
Thread of the month:
Pair of the month:
Profile of the month:

This month, there will be fewer superlatives because we have fewer onsite characters
Best dressed:
Best eyes:
Most likely to be ID'd when they're 30:
Most likely to be late to own wedding:
Most likely to crash on your couch:
Most likely to never be single:
Most likely to win the lottery: