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Chapter II, along the sacred path

The mists that once choked Askan's Woods from the rest of the world have parted. Cliffsides have fallen away, gnarled roots coming undone, paths rewritten by the Deities converging into one single roadway that travels safely throughout the forest. Despite this, danger still lurks in the Woods, not making it easy for eager adventurers to find their way through. And what's more: as soon as you exit the line of trees, you are greeted northwardly by a tempestuous ocean, crossable only by a small rocky strait guarded by a large sea serpent. When all hope of reconnecting the world seemingly gone in an instant, a few heroes rise among the masses to face the creature and find safe passage through the pass. The Harbingers, guided by their Deities and the Order by their King, must now face a new kind of enemy.

But all is not lost. Natives emerge from the southern moors to greet the Yaurithians stumbling upon their doorstep for the first time in millenia. With the King's intent to conquer and the Southlander's desperate to protect their homes from invaders, there may be mroe contentions beyond what had been for centuries order and control.

The call persists louder now. Though the opening of new lands brings with it new threats, the appeal of conquest has certainly crossed the King's crooked mind, and Citizens discontent with the overcrowding of their current homes may take advantage of this newfound freedom. But Eridanus keeps an iron paw on his kingdom, and has set up troops along the open Moors just south to prevent any crossing until the Pass has been conquered, and the Harbingers that are fleeing north toward their calling are shackled. Now, it is up to the Harbingers and their allies to make it through the Pass before the Templars snapping at their heels can stop them.

Chapter completion: 10%
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