Summer, year 862
ch1. Arise Yaurith's sacred heroes

The Deities, from their sacred place in the stars, begin once more to shake the foundations of Yaurith and stir their creations into reawakening. A new surge of Harbingers begin to discover their connection to the gods, and they make their intent clear: Go forth, and find our sacred shrine. Each night a Harbinger lays down to sleep they will hear these words repeated endlessly in their dreams, driving them beyond the walls of Yaurith and out into Askan's Forest, driven by the Deities' magic to find their earthly resting place, and unlock more of Yaurith to be discovered. But they are not without a threat. The reawakening could not happen without being noticed, and the Order have taken account of the recent gatherings of wolves venturing into the woods beyond. They have taken a special interest in Harbingers who do not hide their intentions well. You must always look over your shoulder...

Quest Completion: 32%
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Year 1
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The heart of Yaurith, home of the King and the base of operations for the Order. You will not usually find many citizens around here without a reason, but templars and nobles run abundant, while the Merchant's Guild runs operations in the catacombs beneath the Citadel. Atop this glistening golden ruin sits the court of the King. This is the least decrepit part of Yaurith, where the remnants of stone buildings still have ceilings, and ancient dusty draperies still line the walls.
The largest part of Yaurith, and the homes of many of its citizens. The Capital is mostly comprised of ancient and unexplained ruins, buildings of ancient stone and clay weathered by countless centuries. The wealthiest of the citizens tend to live in the less destroyed of them, whereas the poorest urchins live in slum-like dens on the outskirts of the city. The Capital encompasses the majority of Yaurith, and is so bustling that it is easy to find yourself lost among the fray.
The Marketplace is a bustling nook in Yaurith where pirates, urchins, thieves, and honest merchants come to buy and sell. Your character may be able to find unique items here, ranging from small accessories to exotic familiars. Underneath the Marketplace also lies the entrance of the catacombs that the Merchant's Guild uses to funnel black market goods to the Order. Be careful where you step, however, for there may be thieves and pickpockets lurking around every corner.
Where the guilty come to be hanged. Once, it had been nothing more than a half-deserted place where only the hanged man and the executioner would reside. However, since the emergence of Harbingers, the Gallows have become something of a spectacle for citizens who are both bewildered and frightened by the display of the King and the Order's prowess in delivering justice. Many Harbingers tend to stay away from this place, a haunting reminder of their fate should they be found.
Nobody knows what's beyond Askan's Woods. It is a hilly forest named after King Askan after his failed attempt in burning the forest down to carve a path to the other side. Askan's Woods are an unforgiving place, craggy and foggy and oftentimes filled with dangerous creatures. Over the years, it has effectively cut off Yaurith from the rest of the country, and although most believe its horrors to be simple superstition, certain Harbingers can feel the magical power lingering within the wood.
The Dawnforge Mountains are the beautiful backdrop for all of Yaurith to behold. Rolling hills form the base of the range before the jagged rocky mountains reach skyward, almost touching the clouds above. These mountains are full of precious metals and are dotted with cave and mining systems where many Yaurith citizens search for treasure. Because of the activity, many of the larger predators have been pushed to the higher, unreachable peaks of the range.

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