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Scent: Lemongrass & Mint.
Voice: Lee Pace

Placid && Courteous; He is complacent because he must be. Because he is perceived as weak, because he is weak, and he cannot let it show to those around him, let alone to himself. When they run ahead of him, when the dust settles and he is left to rub the particles from his weary eyes, he must hold back the tears and the anger swelling within him, for even the simplest misstep could cause him to come crumbling from the kingdom he's built, crashing into the sea and onto the jagged obsidian maw of rocks waiting for him at the bottom. The sea would embrace him with open arms and he would not be able to deny her affection, heart pacing, racing, slowing, stopping, until his lungs hitch and he gasps unable to scream when his chest explodes and his body constricts beneath the pressure of black and darkness and familiars shadows. . .

Articulate && Forlorn; Well-versed in the prestigious life of a nobleman, Evander has a knack for knowledge. It is not an uncommon sight to see the weak of heart Valencia among the riffraff of coin flippers and vendors, conversing freely with the merchants and acquisitors, and sometimes even the scholars for a good morsel or two of information. A friend to thieves in secret and a charismatic cretin putting in a well placed word or two for the merchant who has the best pieces of information whirling around within his head. After a good day's work, he'll have returned to bargain that information among his family like a barter of knowledge, gaining the praise he had always wished to achieve that he could not acquire as a Templar now. However, despite seeming to be made like a perfectly cut puzzle piece for the work of a noble seeker of rumor and whisper, within the depths of the grey of his mind he finds the job detestable; he is disgusted by the commoner as well as the thief, but he must attest and upkeep the smile upon his features for they are the foundation he has built himself atop and ruination of his reputation would surely spell devastation for the man. . .

Charming && Stubborn; Relying near wholly upon his charismatic approach to things, it is rare when Evander will be faced with an obstacle he cannot evade. Despite his calm and controlled nature, it is these pesky occurrences that can lead to his heart falling out from under him, metaphorically and quite literally speaking. He is a headstrong man, not arrogant to the point of hubris nor ignorant so much that he is narcissistic, but in the sense that he has lived for far too long already with those around him having told him he could not do something more then once. His stubbornness is unhealthy to the point of an oppressively obscene temperament, a dark stain on his hide like the black upon his coat that hides behind the glittering moonlight of silver eyes; he can become fixated on that one subject or object with little end in sight, or until one eventually gives way to his bleeding, commanding, consuming presence. This is unfortunate in the manner that while being an unhealthy trait when the reigns loosen and it rears its ugly head, it in turn directly affects the weakness in his heart, and he is more liable whether he wills himself upright or not to grow ill the more his beating organ is left to vex itself. He will push himself unto death to stand equal. . .

Empathetic && Gallant; Thrown into a world he did not want with a heart that was not made to beat properly had, at one time, left Evander with a sour disposition towards those of a likened birth, and though he has grown up and his loathing has turned inwards on itself, he can no longer bring himself to hate those who bear a similar misfortune as his own. He will avoid, or give a trying hand to do so, those creatures who share a similar weakness, yet he feels beholden to them when they are thrown into the midst of his path; he is unable to free himself from the melancholy he has indirectly (or directly) caused upon someone who he sees himself in, and someone who reflects a poorer image that mirrors the weariness in his own gaze, and so Evander will not, cannot physically deny nor hesitate, to throw himself to the dogs to protect those who drew the unlucky lot of natural born illness or laden injury. Uncharacteristically, he is brave and rather protective to a point, threatening his own life to protect others like him when those who can do more and go farther than he are left to wallow in their depravity and, needless to say, Evander is a hypocrite in every meaning of the word, unashamed and unabashed to turning a blind eye to those who're able to pick themselves up out of the mud. . .

Hardworking && Adventurous; He'd given up reaching for that dream of becoming a Templar, yet still it is a lingering regret that he cannot undo, and so he does what he can, what he must, to better himself in the fields he knows he can excel at. He'll learn every land, read every book, meet every merchant and pirate, watch how the commoners do, how the nobles carry reputations across their rumours, how the thieves steal, and he'll do it all, better. Evander was born, some might say, a jack of all trades, that he was meant to be everything and more, but he would stubbornly disagree with them, for of all the things he could be he was never made to be a knight. He was never made to gather in the heat of battle with fellow and foe alike, never to clash teeth or feel adrenaline pump through his veins, to feel that exertion of muscle and fibers tense and retract, to feel the blow of a bruise against his hide or the blood slipping from his tongue. Evander would know nothing of the camaraderie of a Templar or what it meant to live and die for your King, he would never experience the rush of adrenaline and the fervent dance of a quarrel, and he would sit in the darkness of the looming, eternal, overwhelming nightfall, deep in the confines of his lonely chamber with but the flicker of an exposed candle light fluttering in the shade, and he'd cry away the yearning. . .

virlar x aria de agnor valencia
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Extended Family

Esmeray de Agnor Valencia; Elder Sister, Head of Household.

Nephele de Agnor Valencia; Littermate Sister, Templar Knight.



Name; Cyrille.
Species; Saltwater Crocodile.
Gender; Female.

Personality; More akin to a hyena than a crocodile, not afraid to crack sarcastic retorts for her own amusement. Thinks aristocracy is stupid and wolves are stupid, yet is shown to be nurturing to the point of being a mother hen around Evander, she is never afraid to show her teeth to protect him. Overprotective, bossy, rude, ridiculing, will laugh in your face if you insult her. Head as thick as her skin she is about as stubborn as the wolf she follows. Basically acts as a crutch for Evander to lean on as well as helps him with his work, is the bodyguard and simultaneously the support he needs when in private. Has mentioned on several occasions that she's eaten wolves before, and that they "taste delicious," though this is debatable. When Autumn appears the crocodile can visibly be seen falling asleep often and generally she will fall into a groggy, sluggish nature, barely able to keep up with Evander at that time and, when Winter finally hits, she will go fully dormant, and cannot be woken up, unfortunately leaving Evander without her company for a couple months until Spring returns.

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