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dark gray taller wolf with a slender muscular build, black nose stripe marking, black saddleback marking with black paws. A lighter gray undertone mark his cheeks, belly, thigh tufts. Intense blue with thinner red banded eyes, white under eye markings.

Scent: Earthy Wind

Playful && Adaptable - Cassius to the untrained eye appears to be nothing more than a brute of a guard hired to nobles. Truth be told he's actually quite playful and not nearly as serious as he looks. On his few off beats of alone type he enjoys going down into the market for dancing, drinking, and goofing off. His ability to sink into any scene makes him perfect as a guard especially if he wants to blend in. It's his talent in truth. He could strolled up to the most pompous of nobles and end up considered a friend within minutes. His charm are almost unmatched around the lands.

Confident && Straight-forward - Despite the fact his family fell from grace sometime ago. He has never been sore about but walks with a firm sense of purpose and confidence. Nothing can really pin him down unless it's the annoying event of his charge ignore his entire exists. Well that can bug him. He's not afraid to speak his emotions. Even if he knows he has no right by namesake, rank, or opinion. It's just who he is. It's earned him his fair of scuffles but Cassius is determined to remain who he is til he draws his last breath.

Stubborn && Foolhardy - Cassius is not strong on being wrong. He's also not strong on agreeing when he knows others are wrong. If he believes in something he will run toward it with all his guts and glory on the line. He's spent many a night in isolation pens for being too bold or reckless. Considering his quarry he had it beaten into him to calm this part of his personality down. Despite this it's a true part of his nature. As an adult there was less prying eyes on him and his quarry thus giving him more freedom to be himself.

Archicus Dumonte (father) - Maribee Dumonte (mom)
Love Interest
Extended Family
meritas dumonte - aunt 9 yrs

ibis dumonte - sister - 4 yrs

batticus dumonte - brother - 4 years - deceased

kipius dumonte - younger brother died at 6 months/would be 1 yrs

maxicus dumonte - younger brother 1 yrs


The Dumonte family fell from noble grace about 8 years ago after losing favor with the king at the time. It was said his father (archicus) would not allow his sister (cassia) to become the king's personal harlot and thus they were thrust from his grace. Dumonte family name fell into ruin almost immediately. Several of the smaller families under them completely turned to other houses like scurrying mice under the eyes of hungry felines to avoid the fall out. His father was stubborn as all and hung to his nobility despite the loss of rank. The family's telltale blue and red eyes an obvious sign of a Dumonte. Cassius was raised up by an extended aunt with all the airs of nobility but was ripped from the household at 7 months old and given to a Valencia lady pup. Archicus had tried to thrust his son into noble life but Virlar Valencia quickly snuffed out the idea. All signs of noble title were tore from his paws but it didn't matter. The name nor the nobility. He was alive. It was more than could be said than most of his shunned family. His father had been put in his place by having his son forced to guard a proper lady of title.

Cassius's big welcome to guard life as a pup was being thrown in with a rowdy bunch of order initiates. They quickly roughed him up in preparation for his new lifestyle. Removing all ideals of nobility in himself not that he clung to it. He had been thrust next to Esmeray Valencia as a personal guard. When he was not shadowing her he was training with the order to maintain his battle prowless and skill. He held no ill will to his new quarry he found her fascinating and nothing like her mad father. He adopted his new life rather easily but his father did not. He constantly berated him for allowing himself to stay in service of another noble family. It was hard for Cassius but he trudged on. His brother Batticus and younger brother Kipius had been sent on the long road to regain their name but was murdered in the streets. The Dumonte family was left in mourning. Maribee, mother of the pups could no longer sit by and watch her children endure these ill fates. She is said to have ingested poison leaving her 2nd litter but a single pup without a mother to guide him.

Esmeray was pulling away from him on a personal level that paired with the losses of his family tugged him into a dark sadness. It took him awhile through beatings from bad gambles and bad romances with wolves who were never truly there for him. It's only been about 2 months since he stopped gambling away and tried to regain his purpose.



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