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He is white satin cloth embroidered with champagne silk thread that caresses over fair pink skin. Athletic body of thinly built muscle, graceful long lines of lithe limb and movement. A well-groomed pelt of solid white sequesters this man, specked by rose on his brow, withers, and the base of his tail. Frequenter of facetious expression, a smile always pulls at his lips, blithe and expressive. An aura so magnetic, almost stupefying for some; but his words turn against anyone, once he knows who they follow.

Naberius stands at 2'7" and weighs 122 lbs, putting him in the large category. He has albinism*.

Scent: anise and dew
Voice: hmm...

observant - sharp-witted;

persuasive - dishonest;

indifferent - bored;

opportunistic - noncommittal

resentful - pessimistic;

felix x mireille
Love Interest
Extended Family
arlette valli, his aunt

life knows nothing before the modest dance shop naberius owns in between a seafood stall and bathhouse, by a cleaner sprawl of the Marketplace where nobles frequent and value. he opens the shop at dawn sharp before his neighbors get the chance to wake, and he works there diligently, helping the young women to whom the shop specifically caters. it is a subsistence, never had the chance to become a passion; in truth, naberius doesn't want a passion, doesn't want something to wake to and go to sleep thinking about. He likes his head empty, unbothered, and the fluid movements that he so absently performs fit that. another cotton-candy dream life, snug in woolly coats of feather down and immaculate haute couture, lived a young naberius of noble family d’Hervelois spending days in the summertime heat and sun. sunbathing near other women and men of high nobility, a star child who had been bold in conversation and fearless in friendship. but that life cut short, a rug pulled from under him; at once, where his father and mother looked upon him in adoration, their smiles turned into sneers. "the godlight shines on this boy," naberius still hears in fever dreams, "take him away, let him run, before the order devours him whole..."

his dance shop once belonged to his aunt, who was a product of an affair long time ago. she was cast out like him, but they never found much in common besides. his aunt taught him how to dance, an art of its own, and teach it as he grew older. when she passed away, naberius graciously took her place as lead instructor.


ra, a white peacock.

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