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Tall and lithe, Lydia is a fairly androgynous creature with a pleasant mixture of femininity and boyish masculinity. Her features are neither handsome nor beautiful, existing instead in a space of in-between that makes her equally forgettable and remembered depending on how long you choose to look upon her. When she looks at you with her peach-hued gaze she is committing each facet to memory, stealing details away to be of use for later and yet she does it with such ease, the lines of her face calm and roaming. Draped in a pelt of earthen cloudcover, the majority of her fur is a veiled cream laced with patches of coppery hues along her shoulders, nape, and finer points such as tip of muzzle, ear and paw. Although she is excruciatingly tall compared to some, Lydia's finer-boned statue is one built for speed and swiftness; though capable of going fang to fang she is a woman who maneuvers as she hasn't the brawn, and it plays well in her favor to slip unseen like a deer in the mist.

Scent: Forest Rain

Lydia is a sheep in wolf's clothing, an opportunistic creature with the ability to blend into whatever environment that surrounds her with complete confidence and ease. Whether social situation or thrown to the wilds to defend, she will don each mantle as if it has been her own for eternity and nary a need to convince is necessary: she is the fair maiden in need of rescue, the valkyrie who might do the rescuing, the timid imp who might trade service for copper. Always is her existence predicated on survival and as such, Lydia will do what she must do to ensure it with few acknowledgements to good or evil and fewer thoughts of worry. As a true neutral, she is even in all things with a complete disregard for which side of the line she might walk and while she harbors her own set of convictions they can easily be swayed -- particularly if opportunity arises in her favor. To her, chaos and calm are necessary for the world in equal measure.

She has few creatures she calls 'friend' and while she's certain she has her enemies, Lydia doesn't concern herself with their opinions. Quick of wit and smooth of tongue, she can haggle with the best or state herself plainly, likewise offering social niceties in the same breath as an insult. Although she isn't difficult to rile there is a temper that harbors itself deep within her, and though it might be slow to rise once it has risen it is difficult for her to soothe it. It hasn't occurred to her yet to settle and start a family, and while lovers come and go she's yet to meet a wolf -- man, woman or otherwise -- that tugs at her hardened heartstrings strongly enough to swear herself to them.

Love Interest
Extended Family
Aliases: Known as 'Alana' by Shale and Avaneira

An orphan, though by choice. Having abandoned her parents at earliest opportunity, the wilds of the Mountains aptly chiseled her much like their namesake: forged by nature and the madness within it, whatever flavor of the Ancients that remains within her made her a woman of quiet fury early on. Through sheer tenacity and the flavor of experience she did what was necessary to survive, which often meant donning what would become one of her famed chameleon-like masks in order to blend into whatever community she called home for the moment.

As time wore on and Lydia matured, she refined what she considered to be her art and often aligned herself with those of the Order and the Harbingers alike. Neutrality became her and whatever deal might suit her best, she took it: whether it was mercenary work, scouting, brokering or otherwise, she would take to it and -- to her pride -- "fake it til she made it", at home just as well within the limits of the city as she is in the shadow of the mountains.

Current Events

- Lydia is currently a member of a secret thief society known as the Thieves Syndicate. (more info coming)

- As her indoctrination into the Syndicate, she was tasked with stealing a high-value item from one of the King's most powerful mages. In one of her sneakiest pass-thievings yet, she managed to pilfer a potion from the robe of said mage in passing without his being aware of it. She would later learn that it was a powerful potion that provided the Boon of Strength, typically only obtainable by the King himself.

- She participates in the Battle of Yaurith vs the Caladrius. After the battle, she takes the potion and receives her boon.

- Patching her wounds as best she can and donning her thief-wear, Lydia trails after the King to the Roadsmeet and spies on his company preparing to enter conquest to the Moorlands.

Thief Experience

Level 1
+1 Successful sneak (link)


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