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2'3" Feet | 98 Pounds

He is lean and lithe, and yet athletic at the same time. A body that is, by all means, androgynous, with his slight masculine frame but oddly feminine features. The one thing not androgynous about him is his voice, one that is distinctly masculine in the medium range, but with a touch of a whisper at the end. His fur is softer than it looks which speaks volumes, for the pastel golds and whites give him the image of something ethereal. Fur that is not too long and not too short, silky and flowy. A gait that is tall and proud, but a healthy touch of elegance and grandeur that tastes nothing of vanity. The image of beauty when dawn first breaks. His powder blue eyes and pink skin give a false idea that he is something delicate, something fragile, that could be easily broken.

This would not be true for those baby blues do not look warm and welcoming at all. They are stony, cold, and unwavering. A strength that would make any creature consider thrice when gazed upon. They are the eyes of something chiseled by hardship and pain, molded by the threat of death to look danger in the eye and truly believe that he would prevail. Yes, his coat is something to be described as only celestial, but for how well-kept it looks it can ruffle and raise at the slightest provocation. Gabriel is only but the visage of delicacy and gentleness on the outside, but on the inside, he is nothing of sharp edges and dark spaces.


Scent: a collapsing star

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He is a soldier. He has the determination and drive, the willingness to put everything on the line to get the mission done. A creature well beyond his years in the mind. He is tactful and creative in thinking through all the ways in which to succeed. He is the hound that never fails in catching its quarry, a cur that will chase and chase until its jaws are latched around its prey's throat. Although he is more than obedient, compliant with those who are his superiors in The Order, he is unafraid to speak his mind. Not to be confused with having no filter, he is just honest—says things how it is and doesn't sugar coat anything. He has stared death in the face so many times that he is on a first-name basis with The Reaper.

The essence of caution, although he is strong enough to hold his own in a fight, he still values the subtle arts when it comes to having a choice in how to deal with a matter. He is cunning, and no avenue is too dark for him to traverse if it means he will reach his goal. He is not afraid to muddy that pearly coat of his, not afraid to stain his gilded maw with crimson. A true hypocrite for he hated his sire for his manipulative traits and yet, Gabriel is not new to deception nor is he shy to it. Dirty tricks and tactics are well-used pages in his book and he'll scoff at anyone who says otherwise. Honor doesn't exist and if it does, he's not willing to die for it.

A master of the poker face, it is equal parts practice and plain disconnection. Abuse as a child has led him to feel numb to many emotions and he finds it difficult to form real attachments or bonds with others. General conversation and social cues he is more than fine in, it is the actual connection he is severed from. Surrounded by miles of people, he still feels alone on his small island. One where no matter how far he swims out he always ends up drowning or worse, back in the lone sands. It is because of this he doesn't bother with trying to connect, he only wishes to get his job done for the day. Although usually calm and collected, one of the few things that set Gabriel off is being underestimated. His "soft-looking" appearance has been a thorn in his side on more than a few occasions. Others assuming that he is something to be protected. The very idea sets him ablaze, he can take care of himself, he has been all this time. Anyone who dares to think that he is "too delicate" will bare first-hand witness to how delicate his fangs are.

Although Gabriel acts as though he is happy being alone and stays by himself, in actuality, he craves being a part of something. He wants to be needed and wanted by others. Hypocritical, since he hates organized groups of any kind, hates having a single leader ruling over all. Growing up alone and feeling unwanted for all his life has left a numb hole inside. Rather than fill that hole with alcohol, drugs, sex, or any other means as others would, he instead buries himself in work. Feigning that he could and would leave at any time, but he really wouldn't. Even when he is just another name on a roster, the feeling of having a nametag slapped on him is comfortable and just fills that void in his stomach just a little, even when it leaves a sickly icky feeling, it's at least something.

Emotionally distant and hard to reach. He's often on an island far off away from everyone else, his mind even farther away. The sun always looks too bright to him, and because of that, he finds himself squinting against it, in doing so it blocks his vision from the rest of the world—only focusing his attention on what's in front of him. If someone were to ever be able to reach that island that he finds himself on, they would be greeted with not a hug, but a cling. Repressed desperation for some kind of connection has him latching onto any who can manage to get close. His grip is tight, and his heart bleeds as though it were on thinners.

Three of Angelis x The First
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Gabriel has a large family, many that he doesn't even have knowledge of. All of whom he is unaware if he had met them or not, all of whom he is unsure of their whereabouts—and frankly he couldn't care less. Having cut ties with his former life, he now declares that he has no family. No aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings or parents.

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Born to a tight religious group of citizens, called Those Left Behind, he never knew who his parents were for it was tradition that fathers never met their children and mothers kept their distance as much as possible until they were weened off milk—then they would cut themselves out of the picture, placing the children into groups called Pledges. It was in these Pledges that the children would grow up and receive their name—their number and their Pledge, Seven of Angelis—and learning the way of Those Left Behind as well as forming bonds with their pledgemates. The group of fanatics had a Harbinger to lead them or at least someone who convinced them that they were. It was during his youth that one older "Harbinger" led Those Left Behind, he was nothing more than a dictator who took advantage of the group to morph it into a twisted harem.

The First, was the title Those Left Behind had bestowed upon their leader, a controlling and greedy man who manipulated and lied to get his way. Potential parents were paired up based on their Divinity, how likely they were to produce a Harbinger, a possible heir to their leadership. The First had taken advantage of this system, proclaiming that his genes would carry the strongest possibility for the next leader. Seven of Angelis was but one of many children born from this.

It was not hard to tell that he was a child of The First, his resemblance to the leader was astonishing, almost twin-like in nature with the single difference being the color of the eyes. The First had unforgiving cold gray eyes and while Seven had been born with a resting cold glare, his eyes were that of a pale blue sky. The cultists thought this a sign, that Seven would be the next Harbinger. Of course, The First saw this as a threat. He did all in his power to make Seven's life hell, had attempted to kill the child so many times and in so many ways... and yet, somehow, Seven was always able to get out by the skin of his teeth. It wasn't luck, it was miraculous.

Maybe being saved so many times would've made Seven a believer in The Deities but it had the opposite effect. It was during his childhood that he learned anger, learned to hold a grudge, to hate. He learned as well to hide his feelings for they could be taken as a sign of weakness from the Shadow that followed him throughout his childhood. It was because of his upbringing that he grew to deeply loath Harbingers and all that surrounded them. Ironic, that he swore to be nothing like the man he had resembled appearance-wise, and it was because of that promise he ended up being so much more similar than he would ever admit.

He bided his time, trained his body, and waited until he was confident in being able to survive on his own, and when he was confident did he run away. A task that was so simple for that was The First's goal all along, that man won the battle in the end but Seven swore vengeance in the form of joining The Order, he would have his revenge by tracking and executing the Harbingers of the world, removing the beings he thought were cruel and evil because of his experiences growing up.

It was a tough three months surviving on his own, he was 9 months and had barely survived to become a yearling when he finally joined The Order as a templar. It was during that time did he adopt a new name, leaving behind the brand that was placed on him at birth. He was no long Seven of Angelis, but Gabriel.


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Due to his difficulty with forming bonds, or even strong ones at that. Gabriel lacks a familiar, and even then he can't find interest in getting one either.

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