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Why can't you die?
Because I am already dead.
And, they can't hurt you
If you smell like death already.

The white tried to be pretty
But the ash grew jealous upon his coat,
And the blood dried black with sickness.

Your eyes, why do they lack colors?
Because, he replied,
I cried until there were none.

Scent: Burning cinnamon.

Confused & Sincere; I can't be happy if you aren't happy. Here, I'll smile, so you smile too, okay?

Insecure & Nervous; How should I act, what should I say? Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it for you.

Deceiving & Apologetic; I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't do it again, so please don't be mad at me. Please?

Envious & Controlling; Are you going to leave me, here, and alone? Are you happier with them, without me? Am I not enough anymore, was I ever enough for you?

Timid & Observant; I like to watch what you do, because you seem to enjoy it often. If I can stay, can I watch? I won't get angry at you be a bother, I promise.

Awkward & Inept; Please make them go away, they scare me. I'm fine with just you, and the family. I don't need anyone else and that's fine, right? You won't get rid of me just because I'm clumsy, right?

Quirk; When water touches his body, he goes catatonic(rain has the same effect.) He will stay catatonic until he is taken out of said water, or if rain, if the rain stops. He is fine with drinking water, however. Even a shallow puddle will cause this behavior.

Varujan x Liana
Love Interest
N/A (Aristide.)
Extended Family

Aristide Silvasi; Fullblood Brother. Absolutely adores, loves dearly.

Octavian Silvasi; Fullblood Brother. Finds him to be an enigma, loves dearly, fears a smidgen.

Sabina Silvasi; Fullblood Sister. Jealous of her, does not see eye to eye on certain things, loves dearly.

Viridian Silvasi; Cousin. ???

-- Silvasi; ???


Bend me until my back breaks; turn me until my arms creak and my wrists snap. Build me to your will, mold me to your destiny. My lungs burst with martyr's blood, it slips past my fingers and I am unable to retrieve it successfully; like smoke I inhale, like ash I exhale, and I choke. Twist my body until you're happy with what you've made, make a temple, brittle and sane and let it crumble with all your secrets. I will keep them, I always have. Isn't that what makes you happy?

I am confused.
I am tired.
I am loved.
I hate you.

Why do I do these things that I am made to do, or am I born to do these things? They sting, these scars, these licks from the lashes, I remember every one, I remember his face, his undying, pungent stench, I remember his smile, vicious and consuming and weak. I remember mother; I miss her, I remember, I see. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, another canine in my neck, another gasp of air, another asphyxiation. I can't breathe.

Do better.

I am.
I'm trying.

That day, silence.
Aristide stood there, and I know that blood.

That day, I said
I'm sorry, but, it wasn't to the corpse on the floor,
It was to him.

We fled. A blurry flicker, a snuffed picture.


Name; Dracul.
Species; Goliath Heron.
Gender; Male.

Personality; Unknown.

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