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White Timber
Played by Kalli

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  Is an ex-partner of Sepharga

Appearance reference credit to Plymouth! <3
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Iron meshed with silver, alabaster, and accents of onyx. From the very top of his body is a dark iron shade of gray, of which transitions fluidly into a lighter shade until it reaches alabaster throughout his figure. Leaving the lower half of his legs, underbelly, and the bottom of his tail white. The white also adorns his face, it paints his chops, cheeks and throat, running down his chest to join the belly. It reached only to the bottom eyelid and lines his cheek fluffs before the silver takes over once again. His paw pads, nose, and claws are all a deep black hue. His eyes are a brilliant golden shade, they are certainly the first thing one notices. His body is void of scarring for the moment. The man’s build is extraordinary. Thick and heavy, weighed down with finely tuned muscle, tall and imposing. A heavy hitter, a power house, he is not known for his agility or speed but rather his brute strength.

Scent: Rain
Voice: Arishok, DA2

Arrogant best describes him among his other shining traits, yet there can be a sense of honor deep beneath it all. For those he deems fit to maintain his respect and loyalty, he is a much easier man to get along with. But his first impressions are difficult to overlook. He will act aggressive, perhaps too stoic, maybe even a little annoyed. He considers himself the king wherever he roams, even though the true king resides. White Timber overlooks him with a passing glance. The Timber lineage is perhaps better than all the rest, his ambitions to create the bloodline something fierce and formidable. He wants the fame, the fortune, the fear. While cruel and unyielding, he can also show a softer side. Pups usually pull the squishy bear from the very middle, even though he is hard on his own son.

Isolda x Alecto
Love Interest
Extended Family
Aurelius’s mother, who passed.

His father was cruel, and his mother was kind. Though she was kind, she was extremely selfish. She would always put herself above others, even her own children. So when she had a litter of five, she felt very little when Alecto began killing them. It was either her or them, and she of course, chose herself. White Timber was the only to survive his litter, at least to his knowledge, as Alecto seemed to grant the young silvery boy his favor. Though in Alecto's favor, it was hardly a blessing. This meant more cruelty bestowed upon White Timber more so than the others, even his own mother. Isolda was generally the target of Alecto's rage, and so to have it redirected to White Timber was a saving grace for the woman in white. She would often times offer him up to Alecto so that she would not feel the wrath of the slate king, so that White Timber would take the brunt of it all. Surely enough, this turned White Timber into a rather bitter and unruly child, a renegade even in the face of pain and anguish. White Timber did not care how much Alecto wanted to unleash on him, nor did he care how selfish his mother was. He only knew that one day, he would escape their grasp and forever be free. Hatred began to grow within him for his father, and while he did love his mother to some degree, she too began to be the source of his pain. The day he was able to escape was when Alecto killed Isolda right before his eyes. Instead of attempting to protect his mother, or help her in any way, he chose the route she would have taken. He watched from afar for a while before finally turning and leaving for good. While it was somewhat heartbreaking to witness such an atrocity as the murder of his mother, White Timber could not be bothered with such emotion when his own life depended on escaping. Alecto roared in the far distance behind the yearling, growling that he'd find White Timber one day, and make him suffer. All things meant to daunt the boy, but at the time, White could no longer be daunted. He could no longer be manipulated. And so, he kept on going, furthering the distance between he and Alecto, never to look back again.


A large momma grizzly bear, name pending

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