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Codes by me , Line arts by Dadself and Angely 99 both from DA


Coat- Her coat is monochromatic as it is just grey. It is thick but soft at the touch as she was born in a cold and mountainous land. It smells of humidity and earth.

Eyes/Skin- Her eyes are of a pale blue with a darker ring around the pupils. The are always calm at first glance. In the other hand,her nose is pink and so are her paw pads.

Size- With 3'0feet tall and 165lb she could be mistaken for a male from afar as she is tall for her age. Her frame is well muscled and broad paws makes of her ready to endure any harsh climates.

Scent: Humid Earth
Voice: Calm,moderate in volume.

Cassini has been taught to respect others,to always be polite to those who interact with her. But she will do just to those she thinks deserves it, she wont show respect to those who cant respect others. She will give what she was offered, respond as she was responded. An eye for an eye. But when she does want to show respect she will with all of her might.

But this doesn't mean she cant have a humoristic side. She can take jokes and make them, have fun and enjoy. But she will do just when the time or place calls for it. She wont act out of context. She will joke around only with those who had gained her trust.

In terms of sides or conflicts she often stays out of any teaming or side. She doesn't like to be draggen into no one's side. But of course, she will if the stuff is serious, if she or those she loves are in actual risk of death she will and when she is up to defend she will with ferocity. She is brave and wont run away if she is threatened. She will stay her ground and face and danger.

She is honest with what she wants to say over a certain matter or what she feels to let others know. She despises lying and those who do. Whatever she will say is truth and sometimes she speaks the truth in a harsh way, holding no filter or fake hope. And of course, this can be taken badly by others, but its unlikely that she will back away in what she says.

She isn't very talkative or conversational. She will speak only when she wants to or if it needed, but even when she talks she does so in a concise way.

Respectful to a limit
A bit Humorous
Saturn(M) and Mercury(F)
Love Interest
Extended Family
none that she knows of



Name Cosmos

Species Male Wolverine

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