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Your mind is just a program
2'6" Feet | 135 Pounds

Dancing on the lines between mesomorph and endomorph, Mars is 2’6” feet and 135 pounds of pure unadulterated ego. His smirk is razor-sharp and his wits even sharper. He shows a tad bit of teeth in his smile, an unconscious warning to all that receive it. A lazy smirk and half-lidded gaze, one full of mirth, appears on his face at all times of the day, it is when the smirk disappears that you should worry. His body is taut, firm, and strong, one that he will flaunt at any given occasion. He very much enjoys describing himself as statuesque—the epitome of a perfect athlete—going as far as telling everyone that they should aspire to reach his levels of perfection (not that they ever would, and he would tell them that). Mars was born without a tail, however, he doesn’t see this as a flaw, but as a special quality. Of course, only he of all creatures could be born so unique.

His coat is well-kept, smooth, and silky—something he always shows off whenever possible. Especially beneath the light of the sun or the moon, that's when it shines best. It is of medium-length but, appears to be longer around the neck. An illusion for his fur is well-kept, especially for a pirate, but the fur around his nape remains ruffled. Almost framing his face in a flair of fashionable fur.

Not only does he boast about his physique, but he does the same with the colors of the coat he was born with. A midnight blue is the base color of his coat that fades to purple and to black down his body, the best colors anyone could have. There is no one like him and never will be.


Scent: Wet wood & Sea salt
Voice: karl urban as billy butcher (the boys)

And I'm the virus
Inflation of ego, Mars has an overblown sense of pride. One that much harder to scratch than you’d think, his spiral of self-delusion has him seeing himself as absolutely flawless and anyone who thinks otherwise is blind, stupid, and (possibly or) both. The man would do anything to show off, to prove to anyone and everyone just how much better than them he is. How they should just stand aside in awe and envy. Mars' cockiness knows no bounds, even in the face of failure, he'll somehow turn it around to his favor.

It’s no surprise that with someone like Mars, he would lie compulsively. Most of the time it is not even on purpose, he was simply raised on lies and raised to speak them. No one can able to use anything against you if they don’t know jack shit about you. Send them on a wild goose hunt, you’ll be there and gone before they realized what you took. Whether those lies hurt or not is no problem of his, Mars wouldn't go out of his way to hurt anyone, however, he’ll let someone else take multiple hits before he’d even think of lifting a single paw. The world sucks, he knows that better than most, people get dealt bad cards and it’s their fault when they don’t make the best of them. He sees the world cast in shadows and because of this, he can barely feel even the smallest amount of empathy towards anyone else’s feelings or well-being. His morals are looser than a whore’s legs (and he's well-aware how loose they are), they can change and shift whenever he pleases and he’s not sorry for it. He only has one life and he’s using that life to look out for number one. That’s him if you didn’t figure that out yet.

Mars is always a bit much, he’ll explode things out of proportion and over exaggerate situations or stories. What’s a tale without a bit of flair anyways? Like his impulse to lie, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He’s the boy who cried wolf, but he’s grown and it turns out he was the wolf in that story. He’s chaotic in a way that he thrives off pure freedom. He will do what he wants and when he wants to do it, help anyone that tries to tell him otherwise. He loves individuality in that he’ll go as far as changing something he does just to be different, to stand out. It’s where his vanity comes back into play. He’s an adrenaline junkie, he just loves to have fun where he can get it, and will do anything for that delicious high. It that comes at the expense of others, well, as said before, that’s no problem of his.

No matter how impenetrable his walls of self-delusion of grandeur may seem, it does have its holes. A complex of superiority, these outrageous parades of pride are exaggerated for a reason they hide Mars’s inner fears of being inadequate, imperfect, and worthless to anyone. His past scars of failure have caused him to be intensely driven to reach his finish lines and overshoot his goals. Anything less might send him down a winding path of rage and self-harm, nothing ever scar of course. Not yet, at least. The next point being his temper, he’s quick to piss off when it comes to anything that might do with him coming in second or being defeated. Depending on the situation Mars could be more dangerous to himself than to anyone else.

Leon St. Lux x Scarlet Delilahs
Love Interest
Extended Family
I'll turn you into a super drone
None that he knows of.

And you will kill on my command
Born to a mother who was a whore and without a name or even a face to call his father, Mars raised himself for the most part. He was an orphan in ever sense of the word except for having a mother that was around sometimes. He was a smart-mouth, he had a clever tongue and quick wit. He wasn't the fastest, strongest, or even the smartest, but he definitely was incredibly charming. He could swindle a poor man out of his last coin, and smooth-talk any pissed off adult into letting him off with barely a reprimand. His fingers were fast and sticky, nicking anything from pocket lint to priceless jewelry from other nomads he came across. He stole just for the fun of it, flaunting his prizes about whenever he could. Eventually his mother had found out about his stash of valuables (acquired from stealing) and disowned him, for Mars didn't want to share. He was selfish (and still is), and ended up being on his own—although it wasn't that big of a change, he had to find someplace else to rest his head at night, moving to mooching off the nomadic groups he found during his travels.

He returned when he turned a year old, he started up his old habits of thieving again. He wasn't so lucky this time around for the nomadic group he had targetted were smarter than him. However, by stroke of luck he was saved from any actual punishment by a man with red eyes in the nomadic group. The man had saw his potential and made him serve the whole as their token thief. Mars had fought against it at first, very hard. Breaking rules, bullying other members. With all of his troublemaking it was truly a wonder why the man kept sticking up for him and kept him. At some point, Mars did end up learning the name of the man, whose eyes gleamed red and coat shone blue and mauve, it was Leon St. Lux. Eventually, Mars had calmed down and start to play ball, but when he had freshly turned 2 years old—did he tuck tail and leave. He was on his own again, always wondering why the man with red eyes was so nice to him and why he looked so familiar.

Sometime after he turned into a full fledged adult did he openly start drinking (not that he wasn't before), and met another corsair who could hold his drink as he could, and it was a friendship forged (after Folke had punched Mars square in the face, and Mars screamed profanities at him) at the bottom of bottles and blacked out nights. At one point did the duo acquire a third, a runaway slave who clung to Mars' companion and thus became a trio of thieves.

Currently running amok on Liontail Island with Folk and Aberthol.


And I won't be responsible
A white-faced capuchin named Mercury.

During his rowdy times a yearling, Mars had come across a monkey who was eyeing the same item as he was thinking of stealing. The two did fight over the item, and neither got it in the end for their commotion had caused enough stir for the guard to show up. That was their first meeting, the second meeting ended about the same, and so did the third, fourth, and even fifth meeting. It was on the eighth meeting did the two even consider teaming up to avoid this trouble, and it was the nineth meeting that they actually did end up working together to steal the smallest thing, a rock. Of course this only ended in another squabble, with the rock lost in the end.

It was the tenth meeting that would solidify their friendship, after being cornered by other pirates of The Order, Mars held his own but fatigue was wearing in on him. The monkey had came to his rescue, distracting and causing confusion and mayhem—it was enough for Mars to gain the upper hand and run the other pirates off.

Finally, the two became friends and bonded.

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