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She is bathed in a coat the color of freshly fallen snow, it coats her from head to toe. Her pelt is lush, hugging her tempting curves. However she is tainted, the purity of her ivory pelt is stained with rich obsidian. The ebony stain travels from her face, down her throat before sweeping across her belly and the under side of her tail. Triangular ears are also painted black, leaving only the plush inner fur white. Her eyes are striking, the palest of blue that shines like ice. Light and dark collide across her body, much like the life she leads.

She stands at an average 2'3 tall and tips the scales at 120lbs. She is tall and lean, built for speed and agility. Long limbs carrying her athletic bodice, her features delicate, but deceptively so. Seductive curves and soft lines give her an irresistible allure, she is a goddess in the flesh and is not afraid to use it as a weapon.

Scent: Rain
Voice: Renée Zellweger

She's got horns like the devil, pointed at me
Her looks are simply that, looks. Her heart is as black as the stain against her ivory pelt and as chilly as her icy gaze. She is cold and calculating, merciless yet fair. Circumstance forged her into a viper that strikes with fatal accuracy. Ambition drives her, the need to control insatiable. She is a queen that utilizes her pawns, maneuvering each into place with her silver tongue and careful planning.

There's nowhere to run from the fire she breathes

A clever mastermind, everything and everyone is at her disposal. She is loyal only to herself, merely allowing others to believe that she has their best interest at heart. Seduction is a poison, oh so sweet at first, bringing you back for more, until it turns toxic and you are left struggling to breathe. But she is not entirely terrible. Everyone is given a chance. A single opportunity to gifted to everyone, earn her mercy or her savage punishment. What will you choose?

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Her story is not a kind one. Abandoned at a young age, she was left for dead. She survived on carrion, barely eating enough to survive. It was a sheer luck that another wolf stumbled up on her skeletal shadow. He would take her in, mercilessly forging her into a creature of domination. She was taught the skill of warriors as well as how to wield her words like a weapon. She was given no choice. Survive or perish. Her benefactor ensured she had the necessary tools to see the world bend the knee to her.

Released from her gilded cage, she was sent into the world as a Templar of Yaurith. Whatever was asked of her, she did with skill. She is nothing more than a weapon wrapped in a pretty package. It has been seasons since she has last laid eyes on her mentor, though she is not so foolish as to think he is not watching, following her every move, ensuring she stays on track. She was to be the best of the best, the ultimate weapon for their King.


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