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She is wholesome and youthful and often oblivious to the larger happenings around her. Pouring her heart into the family trade means that despite her extra small build she weighs in at a muscular 60 pounds and stands 1'8".

Scent: fallen leaves & earth

A child of pure hearted goodness. She believes that all are capable of being good and her tender heart is easily swayed by her willingness to believe, and her innocence which has kept her oblivious to the darkness that corrupts the hearts of others. Often impulsive she is quick to make decisions and fire off without thinking about the consequences of those actions, leaving her susceptible to falsehoods and trickery. Occasionally this causes her to be emotional and yet she does not sway from her position that there is good, and that good can be found in the hearts of all wolves. High-energy does not do justice to describe how fast paced she moves, from doing her job to talking, she hardly ever pauses for a breath and oftentimes can carry a conversation fully. Despite her aversion to disagreements and discord, she is passionately loyal to her family. She will see beyond any of their faults and stand by their side, Unfortunately this does not put her out of reach of small family squabbles since she is young, energetic and obnoxious.

Jade Tamerlane & Skarn Tamerlane
Love Interest
Extended Family
Eben Tamerlane - Uncle Shale, Easton, Flint, Basalt - Older Brothers Obsidian & Vyla - Littermates

Part of the ancient Tamerlane family, renown for their work in the mines. All of the Tamerlanes have been born and raised in the Dawnforge Mountain.


Bijou - a Patagonian Mara that works with her in the mines.

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Doutaini: Elemental Wolf RPG

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