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“I don’t understand why you’re putting me through this but if I must…

I suppose we’ll start with my coloring, the design is rather simple with no set pattern, rhyme or reason to it. I was always told that I was blessed to have the coloring I was born with, that the molten mixture of black, greys and browns broke up my form in the shadows. Though there are some silver and lighter grey markings that I sometimes roll around in the dirt to cover up. On each side of my eyes there is a light tan line under my eyes with three disconnected lines spearing down from there. On the back of my scruff and over my shoulders lay a soft plumage of feathers, darker ones fluffing from the back of my neck and light tan ones poke from the sides of my neck. All are held in place with a mixture of tree sap, dirt and good old knotted fur. My underbelly is a lighter grey as is most wolves and that grey stripes up and down my forelegs and tail. The rest of my coat is just a black and a shade not far off black.

Lets move this right along…

My eyes are a bright, almost luminescent blue and are the only thing that most see of me while I hide. They force me to squint as to not draw attention to myself. Everything I do is in the shadows now. Though I think I forgot to mention this, I have that lighter tan rimming my ears as well. During ceremonial times I have gathered together some things to make myself stand out more, I have donned a red cloth with gold beads around it around my neck and tail. When I was a pup my father killed a rat and let it decompose, when it was nothing but bones he broke off tits two biggest ribs and cleaned them before stabbing them through my ears. When I was accepted to be the oracle's protector my mother gave me some of her beads and stuck them in the fur above my brows. These are also held in place with matted fur and tree sap that is reapplied weekly.

Onto my build lastly I suppose…

I have yet to run into another quite as large as I. I stand 3'0" inches at the shoulder, and weighing a whole 180 lbs. Don’t be fooled, all of that is muscle and unlike many I know how to use every single one. My face and muzzle are long and narrow, my ears are large, tall and thin and this all gives me a rather fox like appearance. My fur is thick around my neck, shoulders and flanks to give a little extra cushion but it is sleek around the rest of my body and short on my legs except the feathering that occurs on the backs of my legs. All of it just seems to naturally fall into place though the hair on my scruff is course and seems to always be slightly fluffed up and stand on end. To top it all off my body is riddled with scars though my coat is thick enough to cover most. The most noticeable ones are the ones that adorn my left hip.”

Scent: Frosty evergreen

presumed dead
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Lucia - ward

Born to a deeply religious pack of harbingers who's whole world revolved around their Oracle. From birth Cruxer and his brother trained to become the Oracle's guard. When their new Oracle was announced Cruxer was chosen as her bodyguard at the age of 2.


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