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Tyto fullbody shot in bottom half of personality & Alba reference by Karasu


1'7" • 43lbs

- Rose & Cream
- Thin, willowy build
- Darker ear points
- Cream face in a heart shape (like a barn owl)
- Cream freckles all over body
- Hardly ever smiles
- Has erythrism
- Is very, very nearsighted due to his mutation
- Always wears crystal half-moon glasses (but still can't see very far even with them on)
- Tends to squint a lot because he can't see well (most people think he's just being a dick because he's squinting)
- Has sectoral heterochromia: pink eyes with light blue around pupil

Scent: Vanilla & Almonds

ISTJ - The Inspector

Dependable • Loyal • Organized • Perceptive • Intelligent • Observant

Ambitious • Dry • Honest • Stern • Questioning • Predictable

Blunt • Inconsiderate • Obsessive • Opinionated • Anxious • Critical

A creature of habit. A man of many opinions and many words, most of which will bore the listener to sleep. Tyto prides himself on history and the knowledge of Yaurith, it is in his job after all. A librarian of the great city of Yaurith. He worked hard to earn his position and intends to keep working harder to go to greater heights. Knowledge is everything, knowledge can be the ultimate power. So is cleanliness and work-ethic. Tyto’s home is a spotless place as is the library (where his home resides), every scroll and book placed thus so, every item kept in a position that he knows best. He does not tolerate his items, his person, nor his workspace being out of place. He tends to get frumpy when anything is tampered with. He can be a bit obsessive about such things. If one thinks that he won’t notice one bauble out of place then they are wrong. He is extremely observant, extremely perceptive and seems to notice even the most insignificant of things.

Tyto is hard-pressed to let his opinions go unheard. He isn’t stupid but he will not let an opportunity go by where he won’t get a word in. His words must be heard or else, you guessed it, he gets frumpy. He doesn’t like keeping opinions to himself and will encourage those he associates with to do the same. The only stupid question is a wasted one. That being said he can be a bit too blunt, a bit too stern, when talking to others and when having debates. Despite his mantra of telling others to speak their mind, he has a bad habit of being overly critical in his analysis of others and can be a bit off-putting with his own words. Despite his flaws, he is a dependable creature. A man that will always follow through with what he says, and he makes it a point to always tell the truth. He will always be there for friends and his country to the very end with whatever talents that he has. Whenever he nitpicks or is overtly critical of things it’s because secretly he worries. He’d never say it out loud but he worries about a lot of things beyond his control and is overly critical of himself as well. One thing he prides himself in is his photographic memory. Over the years he’s memorized scores of things and wants to memorize many more. All of the records he’s kept track of, everyone he’s met or written down in his books, all the deaths, and births, he’s able to pull back on. He’s like a walking catalogue for such things.

Love Interest
Extended Family

His family has always tended the great library and Tyto was born and bred to do the same. His father passed on not too long ago and now it's all fallen to him to take care of all by his lonesome. It is a daunting task... part of the reason he's sometimes a bit curt. The poor man is a little bit stressed...



- Tortishell Cat
- Light blue eyes
- Female
- Quiet, Perceptive, No-nonsense

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