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A thin and willowy creature of slender proportion, wrapped in a wispy cape of grey and silver. As a servant to the noble house Valencia, she does not go without food, yet maintains a withered, sickly appearance due to always being afflicted with something: be it seasonal allergies or whatever sickness may be going around. Her dark, reflective eyes are often watery due to said allergies, and tend to leave behind the brown tear stains commonly found in dogs with pale fur. She moves with the timid tenderness as if her very bones are made of glass, and speaks as softly as a gentle breeze with a touch of rasp, her voice worn from frequently coughing.

Scent: honeydew with a hint if something sour
Voice: Stephanie Sheh (Hinata from Naruto)

[Gentle/Meek] -- Her soul is as fragile as her body; it is a tenement of her character to not wish any harm on others, be it physical or mental. She has not a mean bone in her body, and in all confrontations, seeks the path that will cause the least uproar. If she does something wrong, she is quick to correct it. If she upsets someone's feelings, she is quick to apologize. She never wants to upset anyone, much preferring to throw herself under the bus if that's what it takes.

[Nuturing/Devoted/Selfless] -- The specific tasks Arabella performs around the house vary depending on what is needed, but most boil down to: look after the Valencias. As such, having performed these tasks all her life and having a sympathetic personality to boot, she is naturally a very compassionate wolf, one to always look out for the needs of others and help them however she can. She dotes on her charges not like a mother, as that would imply some level of authority in her deamesnor, but more so like a nurse or therapist -- genuinely concerned for their wellbeing and willing to do whatever it takes to them feel better, but reserved enough and careful enough to not overstep her bounds.

[Complacent/Submissivse/Indecisive] -- Though many in the lower class of Yaurith are (rightfully) discontent with their place, Bell is in the uniquely favorable position of being lower class, but well looked after by the noble house she serves, so truly, she can't complain. She's pledged her life to their servitude as thanks for taking her in when no one else would, and she's glad to have done so. She has no aspirations for rising higher or being anything greater, and as such doesn't try to worry herself with issues or intellectual debates above her station-- won't even try to speak back against any particularly rude nobles. She'll merely nod her head and comply; things are just easier for everyone that way. As a caveat to this, she has grown dependent on her status as an obedient servant, fated to live her life only doing as told by others, so as such isn't very good at making her own plans or decisions.

[Quiet/Observant] -- She knows her role in life is to be seen not heard, so she doesn't talk much unless spoken too, and even then, doesn't say much for fear of wasting someone else's time. At any rate, she vastly prefers listening anyway... And listen she does. When one doesn't speak, they have more time to notice the things going on around them... Subtle body movements, tension in the air, hushed gossip that others don't think she hears... Mind you, she's no chess master or black mailer -- she'll never do anything with the stuff she hears. It's just worth noting that she knows more than she lets on.

[Romantic/Idealistic] -- A young peasant wolf getting swept off her feet by the rare kindness of a nobleman is something straight out of a fairytale, so you can't blame Arabella for believing in them. She loves fantasizing about romance, not just for herself but in others too -- creating entire stories in her head from a single shy smile transferred between two strangers in the street, that sort of thing. She knows with a pang in her heart that one of lowly means like her likely won't end up with some noble prince like Evander, so perhaps that's why she likes to invest herself in the love dramas of others -- to distract from her own drab lifestyle by living vicariously through them. Even still though, this degree of separation won't save her from the harsh reality she's sure to face as a servant living with her head in the clouds, secretly yearning for a life that will never be her's.

Camilla Florence & Unknown
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Arabella's origins are nothing grand; really, they're quite dismal. She was the sole child of a street-urchin mother and a nameless, unknown father (likely the product of desperate prostitution). Already of little means and with a sickly child to boot, her mother did the best she could with what they had, often going without so Arabella could eat and live to see another day... But, ultimately, the peasant woman fell short. In the winter of Bella's first year, her mother succumbed to an illness that had been ravaging them both, leaving the poor girl a lost, helpless orphan in the streets with no one to turn to. To make matters even worse, now that she had no mother to protect her, a local band of thieves came across her and attacked the girl, taking what little she had and leaving her a bloody, broken mass in the street...

Were it left up to cruel fate, Arabella surely would have died that night... Had she not be found and taken in by Evander de Agnor Valencia.

The nobleman stumbled upon her savaged carcass and swiftly ordered her to be carried back to the house at once and nursed back to health. Naturally, she recovered, and was starstruck by the shear kindness of this high born stranger... but once she had grown a bit stronger and was no longer hanging on by a thread, Evander placed a mask of stoic formality on his face and hid that kindness away in the depths of his soul, as if he'd forgotten himself and was desperately trying to return to normalcy by pretending it simply hadn't happened... But she knew it had, and would certainly never forget.

They offered her a job as a servant to their house and she happily accepted, feeling indebted to the family at once and more than happy to pay them back. She has worked for them ever since.


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