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Caedes is open for plots (and mercenary stuff), shoot anything at me via discord! trenranu#6809.


2'9 ft 160 lbs

A beast of a wolf with the scars to prove his terrible existence. He carries himself without ego, but there is the promise of brutality should you cross him. His eyes gleam with wickedness and suffering, you'd do well not to entice him.

Scent: Earthy & Metallic (blood)
Voice: Sam Elliott

Caedes is a man of few words. He is straightforward, oftentimes blunt and callous. He does not spare feelings, he does not engage in small talk. He rarely feels empathy and never sympathy, you’d have an easier time drawing out his sadistic streak. The beast is nothing if not driven and this can most definitely be to an exhausting point. A great flaw of his may very well be his ability to fixate ruthlessly on another wolf. Caedes becomes increasingly reckless and unable to think when in said wolf’s presence. When he is driven purely by his baser, violent instincts- There is no question of his inner evil, certainly not when he decides to unleash his malicious side. Don't worry too much, Caedes is not inherently violent towards just anyone.

Vrah † & Akuji Praedātiō †
Love Interest
Extended Family
Siblings: Theron Praedātiō †, Daegan Praedātiō, Balthazar Praedātiō, Renenet Praedātiō †.

He began life as any other, lacking senses and mewling for his mother. Out of a litter of five he was the biggest, but also the last to leave the womb. Such a shame that it took but one look from his father to label him a beast. His father was Akuji, and it would become clear over time to Caedes that his sire was not of a sound mind. Akuji did not simply think Caedes was a devil, but truly saw it. Illusions of the mind, and a warped sense of righteousness created the circumstances leading to Caedes' misfortune. Akuji saw to it that the rest of the family took to his fanatical ideals as well. The child was beaten and tortured, treated as though he had committed some great sin, perhaps in another life. His family starved him when they did not give rotten or poisoned food. They ripped his flesh away when they pleased, giving him a mass of scars by the time he was a yearling. He was made to fight like a lion in a gladiatorial arena, against strangers and even his own siblings. The beast was kept away from the normal folk, hidden away in a cave without companionship.

Caedes never knew compassion or sympathy, and as he came of age the truth of his horrid existence turned his heart rotten. The thought of hating his family had crossed his mind before, but his suffering had always made him wary of lashing out. This was all he had ever known.

His freedom was taken back the night his sister, unsound of mind just as their father, came to him alone. His mouth watered as she paced around him, raving mad for whatever reason he didn't care to hear. And the next time she turned away was when he struck- the weight of his body enough to leave her powerless but not before she screamed. He was quick about his jaws finding her throat and tearing away that annoying throat that made irritating sounds. He was set free as the blood bathed his tongue and dripped down his chest. But he was not done yet. The attack had caused one of his brothers to arrive, eyes wild once he saw the squirming body of his dying sister. And in that moment of shock Caedes was taking action. Slamming his body into his brother, they began to battle with Caedes seething in bloodlust. He'd never fought for more than survival, and now with purpose behind his every move it was truly frightening to see the beast dominate in battle, ultimately overtaking his brother brutally.

Caedes had given in now. He was a beast. He couldn't be stopped now. His mother was no warrior but he still killed her without remorse, ripping her soft snout away from her face before delivering the killing bite to her jugular. It was there Caedes waited for his father to come.

And finally, when red eyes met violent green the wait was over. Akuji was more experienced and made use of Caedes' temper. But the beast was younger, stronger, more aggressive. In the end, Caedes walked away from the mountains; leaving his father's mutilated corpse behind.

He wondered how long his limbs had been moving without purpose, the lands blurring together. It was the scent of blood that drew him finally, purpose driving him to find the source. There he saw a small female, piling remains of similar looking corpses. Another beast, he thought as their eyes met. Hell burned within her eyes, the kind he'd known too. There, as she offered him half the heart of her father did Caedes make a connection for the first time in his life. His jaws opened to take the piece of flesh... and he consumed it without hesitation. They had eaten two halves of the same heart.

He remained there until she took her leave. Wordlessly, he followed the only being he now believed could know him.



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