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So far, all of the art is mine :3


The lady is adorned with a silken white pelt, upon her face is a a separated mask, on each side, made of velvet russet. Her front and, and a splotch on her rump is swathed in the same color, spreading to her stubby tail. All across her body, freckles and flecks of velvet are spread on the white, and white freckles against her red patches. Dahlia is a massive woman, standing at 2'9, and weighing a total of 180 Lbs, a testament to her muscle mass beneath her extremely long fur. To top off her appearance, her eyes are multiple shades of emerald, appearing to shine when shes pleased.

Scent: Clover blossom and decaying leaves
Voice: Órla Fallon

Compassionate and Caring She cares deeply about how others feel, wanting so much just to be there and help as much as she can. Sometimes she feels so strongly, she begins to severely stress herself out. If there is anything possibly in her ability to assist another in need, she will give and do so.
Honorable If battle is necessary, she prefers the battle to be fought with honor and bravery, to be fronted with a glorious reason, and to be gone about in a fair way.
Friendly and motherly Dahlia, to say the least, wants ti be friends with everyone she comes across. While she only has a stub of a tail, it wags quite eagerly when she meets a new wolf, accompanying a lowered head to establish she isnt aggressive. The woman in velvet also loves pups, and actually baby critters in general.
Dahlia is pansexual

Hamish McLarra | Chlórá McLarra
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Born in the mountains to a pack who bred specifically for size and stamina, to hunt and take down large, swift prey. Dahlia set off on her own to find a life for herself, away from rhe intense training and forced whelping of that pack.


Rawki - Female | Chinchilla | 3 years Rawki and Dahlia encountered eachother as the wolf was searching for food, and found the little chinchilla trapped beneath a pile of snow. After digging her out and believe it or not - laying on her to warm her up, Rawki became grateful and attached herself to the lady in red.

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Doutaini: Elemental Wolf RPG

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