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Rose and muave - scar on right eye - red and blue eyes - erythism

Scent: Fresh fungi and honey suckle

The woman isnt very joyful, often going through bouts of depression. Often new things make her anxious, new people, places... She struggles greatly, but to those she has gotten used to, she is fiercly loyal. Despite her anxiety, she isnt a pushover, and is some times pushed to violence to protect what she believes is right. At times, she can snap, speaking like the venom that her familiar produces.

Mildly Spiteful
Hamish Soule x ???
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Perhaps, if fact, the way she was raised is what broke her, not the events after. To start off, she was born in a remote clan in the southlands.... No. Not clan. Cult. Her father was the chief, leading their group of despair. Arachnae never knew her mother, chances are, Hamish had killed her, unhappy at the sickly little child she had produced. And from the moment her mother was gone, the little melancholy child was given to a feeder, a female who was producing milk to feed her. Perhaps more depth needs to be put into that though - the cult was the type that made sacrifices. In fact, blood sacrifices to the chaos god, Apophis. Often these sacrifices were newborn males. One of these males was the feeder wolf Arach had been given to, and she hated the little pup for it. No child would replace her son. One day, Ara made the mistake of calling her mother. The female went rabid, violently lashing out at the tiny girl- and scarring her right eye severely. Luckily, it didnt damage the actual eye, and she wasnt blinded. That feeder wolf went "missing" later that day, and she was returned to her father, the man scornful at the returned responsibly. For a year, she was trained and treated harshly by Hamish, her spirit becoming increasingly broken, until one fateful day... She was whisked away by a man in multiple shades, who sold her as a trophy slave. She then drugged the man she was sold to, and returned to her captor non-chalant to what had happened. Harkon sold her bavk to the man, and she repeated her process. The second time she was returned, she became bored of the constant travel and stayed for two years, and decided to leave again. This time, her owner didn't take her drug, and there was a fight upon her leaving- in which she castrated him, and left, returning to Harkon, who was infuriated.


Rinora | Pink Sunrise monocled cobra | Female | Clingy

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