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Height : 2'3
Weight : 91lbs
From birth, she was a pretty face. Ivory clashes with obsidian across a majority of her body. Caramel interrupts the darkness of her pelt, surrounding her eyes and smeared across her back and tail. Her eyes, perhaps her most captivating feature are a seductive shade of amber, they are warming and inviting, drawing you into their depths. Her body is composed of supple curves that speaks of hard work. She is tall and lean, unimpressive in her stature. A life of servitude has dampened her appearance, dust often lingers on her legs, staining the pristine white there. She’s got a weariness in her amber eyes that whispers of a hard life. A subtle dinginess clings to her like a dirty dress, a feeble attempt to hide her beauty both inward and outwardly.

Scent: Vanilla

Servitude is what she knows best and she is content with it, most days. She offers a polite smile, downcast eyes and a murmured yes sir. Her subservience comes easy, it’s second nature, but every once in awhile, she feels the call of freedom and defiance blossoms in the form of a fiery expression. These rebellious outbreaks are few and far between though. Her mother taught her survival above everything, how to manipulate the men around her to keep them happy and at arms length. Because of this, she is guarded around most, content to keep everyone as an acquaintance to avoid any further harm, emotional or otherwise. Her intelligence her both her greatest asset and her biggest downfall. She possesses a craving to know more, to see more, learn more, even when it leads her to trouble.

Presumed dead
Love Interest
Extended Family
Siblings : presumed dead

Born to slaves, she’s known nothing else her entire life. Despite their low status, her mother provided her with a secret education. She never did learn where her mother was educated or who educated her but she grateful nonetheless. Her mother taught her everything from history to finances, whatever her mother knew, she shared it with her only daughter. At the age of one year, she would be ripped from her family, sold to another master that bestowed unholy traumas upon her. She learned to fly under the radar, how to seduce him in an effort to soften his heavy hand, even if just slightly. She taught herself more skills, broadening her education under the cover of night, risking exposure more than once. It was midsummer of 862 when she snuck out under the cover night, just as she had done so many times before, but this night would be different. It was the first time she’d meet Harkon.


Name : Miko
Species : field mouse
History : Adira befriended him when she found him stuck in her home.

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