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The credit on her reference is already up there and I will add as many as I can remember as I go. All of Loki's artwork was purchased, usually through DA or through old friends in the wolf community <3


Scent: Lavender
Voice: Ashley Serena

Malicious and Cruel- Wicked and divine, Loki is calculating and cruel. She cares little for social propriety or what is traditionally acceptable and acts upon her own skewed morality. She is not inherently violent, but she does not forgive and she does not forget. If you slight her, wrong her, it might be months or years down the line, but you will learn the meaning of the word regret.

Intelligent and Cunning- Loki has dedicated herself to the fine arts of deception and manipulation, she is a wordsmith that can spin a wicked scenario to sound like the sweetest ambrosia. Loki is a deceptively wicked force to be reckoned with. She does not demean herself with brutality but rather she indulges cleverness and has a tendency to breed inspired loyalty. A small or not so small following, is not an uncommon occurrence for the serpent.

Ambitious and Fierce- Loki holds no fear captive in her chest. She is raw determination, ferocity and boldness wrapped in a clever ruse of svelte dignity and poise. Her morality maintains few limits and her ambitions hold little in the negotiation of bounds. She knows not the vice of forgiveness or surrender.

Both are deceased
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Loki slithers from her mothers womb not as the pinnacle of creation but rather the runt. Tiny and lithe, compared to the thick musculature of her brother, Loki stands not to define power and prowess in its traditional sense, but she will come to do so all the same with the venom that drips from her tongue and the fierce cunning and intellect that drives the ferocity of her fangs. In her youth Loki is a symbol, not of cunning ambition, but of weakness, she is mocked and beaten for her preferred intellectual deceptions rather than the muscled brutality most deign as ingenious upon a field of battle. She cares not, the abuses continue and Loki bides her time and holds her tongue... commanding patience.

A year comes and goes and her brother is everything her family deems worthy while Loki infuriates them, refusing to bow and assume the roll they deem acceptable. Her father in a fit of wrath comes to steal her innocence, a display of utter dominance meant to finally entice her to raw brutality and it is then that Loki strikes. He moves to assault her and with all the speed and malice of a venomous serpent, she ensnares his throat within the steel trap of her jaws... for she has practiced and trained in the darkness of the shadows for this moment since the day she was old enough to understand his incompetency. She holds him, allowing his praise to finally meet her ears before she squeezes, piercing through jugular and trachea, before releasing him entirely. Shock sets in first, but once it dawns on him that he is dying, he cannot scream, for the blood flooding his lungs and weighing down upon his vocal cords has rendered him mute. Loki watches with poisonous eyes as he bows in subjugation, the life blood of his heart pooling at the tips of her claws like a teasing temptation. The last thing he sees is the cruelty in her eyes as she lifts one delicate paw and presses it to his throat, widening the wound and eradicating the last of his oxygen. He will die as he lived... upon his knees at the behest of a greater being. This is how her mother finds her and as she falls, wailing at the fate of her lover, Loki will offer no quarter and with a deception purred into the shell of her ear, she quivers and Loki kills her.

Her brother suspects her of no foul deed, so when she attends him in the dead of night with wickedness in her soul, he never awakens as his blood joins that of his Sire and Dame. Loki reigns, assassin and queen, the last of her lineage burned to ash by vengeance and poison... she drags them together, lays them atop one another, entwined but disgraced, lewd and open. It suits them She thinks, as her teeth tear into the chest of her father. Let them die as they lived in arrogance and idiocy, displayed openly for all to bare witness and shame. She uses her claws to tear through sinew and useless organ, reveling in the thrill as they slosh out against the dirt never to be wasted upon such filth again, until she finds his heart. She pulls it from his gaping chest with careful jaws and as she twists, baptized in death and reborn in blood, her eyes fall upon him.

With her fathers useless heart hanging from her jaws, she meets the wicked gaze of a bestial wolf so brutish and scarred that if not for their obvious size difference, he could have been her twin. You wear the evidence of your malice across your flesh, mine lurks in shadows, lingering in darkness unseen save by those who know where to look. Later, she would learn his name is Caedes but for now she merely drops her head so the heart rolls between them. Ominous and foreboding.

"I know not why you stand in observance of this brutality, but know this, should you deign yourself to partake you will gain unfathomable power. Taste it. Take his strength, he was unfit to wield it... but are you? The words were brutal where first impressions were concerned but as she dropped her head to tear the heart in half, taking two chambers for own greed before offering the remnants to him... he did not hesitate to partake and as Loki left the broken remnants of her past behind... so too did Caedes follow and with him, she intends to forge her own mark of atrocity in the Southlands.



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