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2'3", 100 lbs
A living goddess draped in silvers, whites and blacks. She appears to be the epitome of beauty. Their gait is proud and confident. They walk with the grace of a queen. Their orange eyes pierce into the very soul of those who stare at them. Their fur is sleek and soft, looking as if a noble.

Scent: Lavenders
Voice: Emma Roberts

It is easy to pass off Calypso as a shy and sweet women. She is socially awkward, and often is formal in her speech. She her voice soft and gentle as a mother yet filled with wonder similarly to a child. Calypso is a beautiful example of a perfect little doll. She is innocent, sweet and often is very polite when spoken to. Her entire frontal persona is dependent on acting as innocent as possible. A sweet innocent maiden who can do no wrong and is shown no evil. Who wishes for nothing but to make those around her happy. She loves everyone without a doubt. She wants to embrace the world around her, the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing comes easier to her than her charm and submissiveness.

However, this is all a farce of what she really is.

To Calypso, every wolf she has met she has a close bond to. It doesn't matter if they're mates with someone else. They're hers for the moment. Calypso only lives for the moment. She's desperate love and affection, so much so that she's willing to do anything for them if they manipulate her hard enough. Her emotions are fleeting and short lived often enough.

Although she does have emotions. The emotions she feels, however, are hollow husks of the true feeling, warped beyond recognition. Spawned to a beyond cold and cruel world. She has the wits as sharp as a knife; her intellect is far beyond what anyone had accounted for, and she is constantly learning. To her, those around her are pawns. She lacks purposes in life, and struggles to find it.

For the doll, love is obsessive and manipulative; joy is derived from suffering of others; the pain she gives and takes is pleasure, and to bestow upon her presence is the ultimate joy. Least to say she does feel that she was fundamentally misunderstood by those who are around her for they never understood that she was pure and beautiful in every single way. She never craved or cried for attention, for she always demanded it. If she didn’t get it, she did not care. She would move on, and step on your grave. The love she feels for others is the very force that drives her, the very core of her motivations. She is meticulous and precise in everything she does, craving the sense of power it gives her.

When making an alliance, or friendship with Calypso she can make you believe anything about her. That her family was killed, that she was stolen from her true mother, anything. Being a ‘friend’ with Calypso means she knows how to ensnare you, just at the right moment- when you are not looking and trusted her the most.

Love Interest
Extended Family
Dolores Blackwood (sister) and Cardinal Blackwood(brother)

Calypso was born in a loveless marriage. Her father, a king among thieves. Her mother, a victim of their thievery. She was stolen from her family, fell in love with in the one who stole their world away. They were from a litter of three, one optimist, one kind of heart, and her. The demon spawn. The devil. She followed in their father's footsteps to the day of his death, and stole his empire from under him. Now she works as a queen- a queen of thieves.



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Doutaini: Elemental Wolf RPG

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